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With Chinese Support, JeM Chief Is Threatening India To Surender Kashmir Or They Will Attack Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow

The Press Trust of India has quoted US saying, “Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar meets all the criteria to be termed as a global terrorist and not doing so is against territorial stability and peace.”

Still, China has decided to go against the world by not voting to name Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. Netizens are furious, you can easily witness the wrath of Indians on Twitter. As they have started a new hashtag that is asking everyone to boycott China.

But that’s not it, the chief of Jaish-e-Mohammed (a Pakistani backed terrorist group) stated that the Pulwama attack was just the beginning. We (JeM) will make the whole country (India) bleed.

What is JEM planning?

JeM threatening India

On 14 February 2019, JeM attacked Indian CRPF convoy, in which we lost 40 brave soldiers. The entire nation was burning in the rage for its fallen soldiers.

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Though, India has already taken revenge by taking down multiple JeM terrorist camps in Pakistan. But seems like that’s not enough. Taking revenge from any terrorist group is not enough to end the war. Terrorism is a global threat and the only way to deal with terrorism is by removing them from their roots.

Instead of taking revenge, it’ll be better to take down all the terrorist groups, once and for all. In a dossier (official document) provided by India at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) revealed that Azhar is planning for more attacks.

Azhar’s open threat to India

In the 15-minute long recording, one can hear Azhar saying that February 14 Pulwama attack was “only the first dose.” And they will be carrying out further attacks on India until New Delhi surrenders Kashmir to Pakistan.

DNA has quoted Azhar saying, “Pakistan and Kashmir are one.” He continued saying, “Kashmiris say Kashmir is part of Pakistan, but I say Pakistan is part of Kashmir. If Kashmir is not surrendered to Pakistan, fire (more terrorist attacks) will reach New Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow and finally engulf the entire country in the fire.”

Meanwhile, Indians are also joining hands against boycotting Chinese products.

Is Boycotting Chinese products good for India?

JeM threatening India

ViralBake Telegram

Even after looking at all the evidence, China may not be willing to term Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. No one really knows, what are the real motives of China for not allowing UNSC (United Nations Security Council) to designate JeM chief as a global terrorist.

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By declaring him a global terrorist, he will be banned from entering any country. Other than that all of his assets will be frozen. This will make it easy to find and eliminate him(Masood Azhar). Though, this will not happen until China votes against the terrorist.

Although furious Indians has decided to boycott China, this will not put any pressure on the country as India is dependent on Chinese exports and not the vice-versa.

So you can say, twitter trending #boycottchina won’t be a good choice for our country.

Exports from India to China are very less as Indian mainly exports raw materials. While Chinese Import to India mainly deals with electronics and other manufactured goods which are in high demand.

Other than that India’s pharma sector has a critical dependency on Chinese imports. As imports are crucial for drugs manufacturing in our country.

In Conclusion:

Terrorism is a global threat and even after seeing all the evidence China has decided to go against the world. Who knows, China might have some personal grudge or benefit for backing up a terrorist group in front of all the nations.

On many occasions, the Chinese government have said that they will stand with Pakistan in case of war between India and Pakistan. Only time will tell how all this turns out to be for PAK and China. Because currently, all other nations are supporting India. And the actions of China are certainly not deemed as the righteous thing.

Not voting in the favour to declare Azhar as a global threat, China is again taking his stand for Pakistan. What do you think could be the reason?

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