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This Jewelry Stealing Prank Will Remind You Of The Dumbest Thief

Pranks have become like momo stalls nowadays. You can find it almost everywhere and everyone seems to enjoy them. Recently, a new kind of prank has made its way on the social media platforms, titled as jewelry stealing prank.

This latest fake stealing prank is just another one of those practical jokes, which can literally give someone a heart attack.

What happens in this prank?

Jewelry Stealing Prank

Prankster (a woman) pretending to be a customer enters the jewelry store and asks to take out the gold necklace from the display glass. She then goes ahead and puts it around her neck. And then, all of a sudden she sprints towards the exit.

Jewelry Stealing Prank

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Not knowing what just happened the shop assistant leaps over the counter. The assistant runs behind the prankster to stop her from stealing in the hope that they won’t lose their job. Though, the prank ends where the shop assistants find themselves embarrassed to fall for this prank.

Jewelry Stealing Prank

The prankster stops in front of the nearest mirror just to admire herself wearing that gold necklace as her real intention was never to steal. She was just having fun (by giving a heart attack to the shop assistant).

This jewelry stealing prank has started off from China as a number of people are posting their video’s of almost stealing an expensive jewelry on the internet.

Recently, a dumb thief tried to actually steal an expensive necklace, in this same way. The only difference was, it wasn’t a prank and guy was unlucky. It seems that this new prank is inspired by the viral video of this dumb thief. LOL.

ViralBake Telegram

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The real inspiration behind this prank

Though, the real inspiration of this prank is the ‘shoe stealing prank’ that made its way to the million of mobile screens. In this prank, a guy comes to a shoe store, tries a new pair of sports shoes and then sprints towards the exit, only to turn around and run back in, as if was checking the performance of these new shoes.

The sales person who was helping runs after the guy, only to find out that he was just checking how it feels while running. Though, in this video, prankster apologizes to the salesperson, which seems like a right way to end a prank.

In Conclusion:

People do a prank to find out how an individual going to react in a certain situation. But sometimes, these pranks can stimulate a very uncomfortable situation for the other person. Anyway, what you think? Will someone pull off this jewelry stealing prank in India? ( I highly doubt that)

Watch the prank here:

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