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Indian languages have gained prominence and now paves the way for new opportunities. There are many high-earning jobs that are looking for people who can speak different types of Indian languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati and Punjabi. Continue reading to find sectors that are looking for Indian speaking professionals. 

Source – Deccan Herald

1. igaming

iGaming is playing and wagering on games or sports events online. It could be that players play casino games online or bet on cricket matches online. iGaming is an industry that has grown dramatically over the years, especially in India. Because of this many iGaming companies are looking for Indian speaking people.

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The said jobs involve working with live casinos in Malta and several Eastern European countries. In this light, Evolution Gaming is leading the pack in providing live dealer games that require Hindi for Indian players. Currently, Evolution Gaming offers games with Hindi speaking dealers, meaning proficient speakers have some opportunities lurking for them.  

2. Copywriter

In all businesses, content is vital – whether in the form of products, advertisements, labelling, etc. The power of great content unravels so much mystery behind marketing, which is why companies leverage this. For instance, quite a number of E-commerce sites and brands offer job positions for Hindi writers who can write compelling articles for their brands. Most of the time, these copywriting jobs are remote, meaning you will live in India but write for some foreign companies.

For instance, Reliance Industries Limited offers positions for Hindi copywriters.

Source – Translate By Humans

3. Social Sector Undertaking

Development is a constant phenomenon that has been driven by several professions and organizations over the years. Most of the changes and developments need to be extended to remote areas and locations in India, not just main cities. As witnessed over the years, some specialist intervention organizations from India and international bodies have taken the lead and need capable technocrats.

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In this regard, social workers, researchers, sociologists, change and development experts are required, but they have to have a deep understanding of various Indian languages.      For instance, the Department for International Development (DFID) offers jobs for Hindi speaking social sector undertakers

4. Customer Support

Indian markets are rapidly on the rise for all internet-prone businesses, especially E-commerce sites. Consequently, these businesses have job offers for professional customer support staff who can speak and understand Hindi. Such jobs are mostly remote, requiring you to reside in India but work for a foreign company. This means that you would have to be able to handle customer complaints and resolve them from wherever you are in India.

For instance, InMobi offers jobs to customer support staff who can speak Hindi.

Source – Medium

5. Hindi Teacher

If you speak Hindi and are good at teaching, the time might just be ripe for you to leverage your teaching skills. As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, you can make online lessons in Hindi in video formats for your audience to learn. Of course, you need to understand the platforms where you find your target audience so that you can impart knowledge. One of such avenues for this is YouTube, which you can leverage to teach your area of expertise in Hindi.

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