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John Wick Chapter 3 Trailer Explained – Explaining The Meaning Of The Title

A new trailer John Wick Chater 3: Parabellum is just released, showing all the brutal action scenes that we loved from the first two films of this franchise.

John was terminated from the assassin’s organization in his last film, as he violated the core rule of the organisation by killing a man in the continental ground.

After that, the High Table has put a bounty on his head. Now to stay alive he has to take out all his enemies in New York before they can take him out. But let’s talk about it in detail.

John Wick Chapter 3 trailer explained

John Wick Chapter 3 trailer explained

The Chapter 3 Parabellum picked up right from where it left in the last part. John has broken the central rule after talking life on a continental ground, now he is on the run with one hour head start.

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The trailer starts with Ian McShane (Winston) asking, “What have you done?” Referring to the events occurred in the previous film. The first half of the trailer is just showing the time before the killing begins.

John Wick Chapter 3 trailer explained

After that, we see shots of John running down a rainy street along with the dog (that he got at the end of his second film). The trailer revealed, John has a bounty of14 million on his head. Everyone wants to take a piece of it, assassins from all over the globe are eager to take him out.

The movie is mostly be showing the chase in New York city but seeing samurai swords in the trailer it is certain John is going to make his visit to Japan as well.

But remember now he doesn’t have the support of contenatals and all the assassins wants to kill him. So you know what’s Chapter 3 is planning for their fans.

John Wick Chapter 3 trailer explained

Halle Barry, the hot assassin is going to play the character of the good person and why not after all she has good two dogs. And we all know how important dogs are for this franchise.

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John is going travel the eastern countries to seek aid. Now possible we are going to see John and Halle taking down the entire Hight Table (assassination organisation).

But What’s the title means?

John Wick Chapter 3 trailer explained

Parabellum, what it means? Well, it means two things, the first one tells it is a weapon, a machine gun to be precise. And the second one also means a weapon, a pistol which was made in Germany. Considering the main premise of the franchise, the second one suits better.

Other than that in Latin, “Parabellum” means prepare for war. It is also used in a very famous phrase, “If you want peace, prepare for the war.”

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If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, watch it here:

In Conclusion:

After reading our John Wick Chapter 3 trailer explained, it is certain that the movie is going to be packed with action. More guns, more assassin and obviously more dogs, the movie is certainly going to attract a lot of eyes. But to know more about that we have to wait till 16 May.

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