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Johnny Sins: Is He Really Happy For The Life He Live?

The all-time-now-evermore-famous ‘Johnny Sins’ is a known name across the globe. And credits for his overtly success goes to memes and not to his mainstream acts.

johnny sins

Being immensely famous for his pornographic movies, people though hardly know anything about the actual person that he is.

A little introduction to start with:

His real name is Steve Wolfe and he belongs to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Right now he is 39 years old and celebrates his birthday on Dec 31. He has an elder brother and elder sister too.

johnny sins childhood

He is married to Kissa Sins and surprisingly, only remembers two phone numbers, of his wife’s and mother’s.

johnny sins with wife

His brother and dad both worked for the air-force.

The first twist in his life came when he was twenty-one years old. His former classmate asked him to join her on a trip to Los Angeles to attempt a career in pornographic cinema.

johnny sins working out

Sins rejected the proposal and moved on to work in a construction company. But that didn’t go for a long time and he changed his mind and moved to the Angelina city where he did various small jobs to sustain in the city.

What happened after that is all we are aware of.

Here are some fun facts which you did not know about the life of ‘Johnny Sins’-

1. He has been a huge porn fan since his childhood days and he actually convinced his parents to buy him a computer to watch porn.

johnny sins in mountains

2. ‘Rihanna’ is the one and the only celeb that he would like to make out with.
3. He is very shy in nature and usually doesn’t approach a girl himself. He believes in concentrating on eye contact and flirting that way first.
4. No female fans have approached him in person so far, not even for an autograph. LOL

johnny sins at beach

5. Johnny and his wife Kissa have a sex bucket list, they have 100 public places they want to have sex.
6. He makes a lot in his profession, he’s a very popular face (up to $5000 for the upper end of a scene.)
7. He sucks at technology and usually ends up breaking things.

johnny sins with his dogs

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8. He loves giant dogs.
9. He has a social anxiety disorder and hates talking on the phone. He prefers texting instead.
10. He has a fear of heights and is terrified of creepy crawlies and bugs.

johnny sins diet

11. He has been bitten by dogs several times.
12. He is not religious at all. It doesn’t make sense to him.
13. He doesn’t have any tattoos.

johnny sins partying

14. He also appeared in a non- pornographic movie named ‘Shutout‘ in 2007 in which he played the role of a hockey coach.
15. He always falls for a great salesman when he goes shopping.
16. He never drinks soda.

johnny sins fitness

17. He loves to take risks in his life.
18. He believes in aliens and loves the shows that support alien existence.
Do you know any other ‘sins’ committed by this hunk? Feel free to share with us in the comments and we will include it in our list. 

Image source: Instagram


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