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Get Over FOMO, JOMO Is The New Word That Can Express Your Real Feelings

FOMO or fear of missing out! Many people have started living a very unhealthy life, as they often compare their lifestyle with others on social media.

Thankfully, times have changed and today several people have started to think differently. Now, they are more focused on spending their time with themselves. Which is why the fear of missing out is slowly being replaced by a new term called ‘JOMO.’

Wondering what is JOMO? Well, this abbreviation stands for “Joy Of Missing Out.”

You must be wondering why someone feels happy when missing out on things? What is its real meaning?

JOMO meaning?

JOMO meaning

Social media was the main reason that gave rise to the word FOMO. Unfortunately, it is also the reason that this word is slowly losing it’s worth.

JOMO or joy of missing out is the opposite of the word FOMO that is used to describe the fear of people (who think other people are having a life better than what they are having.)

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At first, when social media was introduced to us, everyone started to share their life. Most of them were sharing pictures of their luxurious life that made many of us feel left out. The word FOMO was perfectly suited to express the feeling of what the majority of people were believing.

But now, when everyone has seen the reality of Social Media, the word has lost its relevance. Knowing that everything that is posted on the social media covered with a filter that makes it look beautiful, people don’t care anymore.

Those are the social media influencers, they are getting paid to make you feel FOMO. In reality, their life is as shitty as yours. Or might be you are having a better life than theirs. You’ll understand the JOMO meaning once you realize the truth of Social media.

When can you use the word JOMO?

JOMO meaning

When you will realize the evil nature of social media, all you would want was to do is – take a break from this fakeness. And that’s when you can use the JOMO word. Introverts are already loving this word and even many FOMO’s are also making their switch towards this new word.

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In case you are travelling in the metro, you see everyone around you are busy on their phones. Some are playing games while others are busy browsing through their social media accounts.

But you have decided to read a book, making a choice of missing out on things are not real is when you can use the word JOMO.

JOMO is the feeling you get when someone cancels the plan of going out, and you are happy because you didn’t want to go out in the first place.

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In Conclusion:

The word is slowly becoming popular, even a travel survey suggested the same. According to a travel survey last year in 2018 there has been an 18% increase in the searches of remote holiday destinations. That suggests people actually want to spend some me time, away from all this technology and the internet.

Now you know this word as well as  JOMO meaning. You know, there is nothing that you are missing out. Also, you know that the stories that human told stories are better than just social media stories.

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