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5 Mundane Rainy Day Blues That Your Beloved Kamwali Baai Gives You

On a fine rainy day, you wake up, open your window and get bamboozled by those tiny droplets dipping down your face like precious little pearls. The smell of wet mire and blooming hibiscus and jasmines in your garden makes you instantly forget all about the life’s many challenges.

Just the day for Chai-and onion pakodas, you think wishfully.

Brutally, you are snatched back to reality. Somethings nags at you at the back of your mind – “Will the maid be coming today?” Without delaying another second being stupefied, you reach out for your cell and dial her.

Let’s see what all could go wrong with you on a perfectly astounding rainy morning.

kamwali baai excuses

“Mem-saab I can’t come today”

But why not? Your voice is more of a plea than an employing authority. “My area is floating on rain water and sewer overflow, I can’t dip my foot into the filth just to come to clean your house. I am a true Brahmin, you see.” She sounds like your pandit ji and you have no choice but to let her have the final say. Later that evening you see her wearing that pretty kurta given by you, in the market eating chaat with husband.

kamwali baai excuses

“I can come but will not mop the floor”

Then there are those who do the ahsaan of conferring you with their holier-than-thou presence. She will have just one condition. “I will just sweep the floor, no mopping.” No matter how much you convince her she will throw it back at you. “What’s the point? Your floor is going to get dirty soon again, why make me go through the useless ordeal?” You will never know what hit you and how you willingly agreed to her sense of reasoning.

kamwali baai excuses

“I am terribly under the weather, give me some extra cash to see a doctor”

She must have read that book- One hundred ways of making money fast. She finds excuses to empty your already shallow pockets every now and then. And her today’s excuse is only if she visits a doctor can she come for work. You oblige and feel humane by helping a poor maid in need, only to catch her eating ice-cream later that same evening.

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kamwali baai excuses

“Get me a warm cup of tea first, it’s so cold, how do you expect me to work!!”

The mighty maid who is supposed to belong to a very well to do background, but now she is forced to sweep floors and scrub dirty dishes to feed her children twice a day. You are already indebted to her for doing your work and so let her boss you around. “I catch a cold very soon, make me a nice adrak ki chai , will you?”

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You quickly put on a kettle before she turns on her heels and only after sipping her tea in bliss, she gets on with her work.

kamwali baai excuses

“My kids skipped school today, you mind babysitting them for me, while I clean your house?”

You don’t want to seem monstrous, so you accommodate. It is only after they are gone, you contemplate that the house was cleaner before she came, and it would have remained like that, had she not at all come today. Just then your 7-year-old son runs to you crying, “They broke my guitar mommy. I hate you.”

And with rolling eyes, let us know if you have encountered any other species of mighty maids, I forgot to mention here.


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