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These ‘Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai’ Situations Are Something You Will Totally Relate With

So, you wake in the morning and try to find your phone with half-closed eyes. But you drop it straight on the floor and the screen crashes.

Or how about you get up from your bed, only to step on the lego block that your kid dropped last night? Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai, that today isn’t going to be one of your good days?

If yes, here I am with such real-life situations which most of you have felt. Call it intuition or sixth sense or just a hunch, these things happen every day, with all of us. So lean back and enjoy these Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai situations you can relate to without any effort-


Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai

Think of the time when you almost had an accident. Not once not twice but thrice, and you silently say to yourself, ‘BC lgta hai aaj sari gaadiya meko thokne ke liye hi nikli hai’. And then, you start driving more cautiously and curse everyone around. (even the stray dog that crossed the road while you were at a red light)


Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai

Ever woke up to the sound of bell in the morning, with your landlord howling about an issue? (you know what I mean) If you ever wake up and instantly see his face speaking shit, you know that today isn’t the day when you will get to see your crush. It’s going to be MANHUS log all around.

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Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai

When you enter your office and greet your boss but he doesn’t reply or smile, you know something is wrong. The evil cupid on your shoulder whispers,’Aaj toh tu gya Beta’. And that’s when you realize that you forgot the PPT he asked you to complete three days ago.


Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai

So, your GF calls you, makes sure that you are up and asks you to get ready so that you can go out. But what do you do? You fall back to sleep instantly and (oh no) put your phone on silent. When you wake up after 5 hours to see 10000 missed calls and a million messages, you know what’s gonna happen.


Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai

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When you forget your lunch box. Period. No matter how much your mum loves you, but if you dare forget her oh so precious dabba’s, you are a goner. You will get the right dosage of scolding with additional galliyan if you also forget dhaniya-mirch that she asked you to get along after work.


Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai

When you smoke outside, hiding behind that shady shack and you see your father coming in the same direction. You think that he didn’t spot you. But deep down, you know you are going to be thrashed left and right by your dad as he saw you smoking with your friends.

7. AAJ teacher beijjati karega

Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai

When you wait for your crush to turn around, and forget that there is a two-legged creature teaching the class, you know what’s next when you hear your name. You already start hearing his harsh voice in your mind along with the sarcastic statements he is going to use on you.


Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai

It happens rarely, but it does. Some days you wake up and you are pissed AF. Even you don’t know why, but you are so irritated that you think you will end up punching someone in the face. Usually, you end up venting it out on anyone and everyone.

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Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai

This is a gut feeling that is more like the spiderman’s sixth sense. Certainly, we can not dodge all the troubles that are coming towards us. But thanks to this Kabhi-Kabhi feeling that has saved my ass a zillion times. What about you? Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai?


Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai

I don’t want to get angry but every time when I get back to my house, I always get this feeling like “aaj koi pitega.” I don’t really want to kill my brother but his clothes fucking everywhere, including his smelly socks. And I’m not a maid.

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Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai

Whether it be your break-up or you got the promotion at your new job, nothing matter to your friends. All that they care about is “aaj to daru party hogi.” Time and place don’t really matter when its daru-party time. Also, sometimes there’s no reason at all.


Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai

This always happens to me whenever I’m leaving for my office. Traffic situation here in Delhi is unpredictable. Kabhi Aisa Lga Hai ki ‘Aaj toh bhayanak traffic hoga’ even before getting out of your house? I bet you must have at least once.

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In Conclusion:

These feelings/intuitions are meant for a reason. Just like spiderman’s sixth sense, these feeling help you prepare for something uncertain. Last night I was able to dodge’ Maa ki daant’ just because I got the feeling before even reaching home. I acted smart and picked-up some aloo-tikki (my mom’s favorite) to prepare for the worst.

It was a good idea, she was waiting for me at the main gate, with a long list of kaand that I did in the past week. Pheewww… close miss.

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