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Best 15 Kalank Movie Memes Will Make You Go ROFL!

After the release of the movie Kalank, its memes have taken over the internet.

From movie reviews by film critics to Kalank memes that are hilarious and straightforward to an extent, Kalank has become the highest opener of 2019 with a collection of Rs 21.60 crore.

Why Kalank memes?

However, when it comes down to real feedback of audience, the movie proved true to its name. It was nothing but a big screen grandiose of sets and lavish life.


According to Rajeev Masand, the famous film critic, the movie did have drama and the characters were good but the movie lacked passion. In the review, he wrote, “Just shy of three hours Kalank is ultimately tiring and heartbreaking even. You can see the talent on screen. If only there was a sharper script to harness it. I’m going with two out of five’.

However, this certainly did not stop the meme-makers to begin their work. The Kalank meme fest was on and users started pouring their creativity. Some used references from shows, movies while some chose to stick to the dialogues of the movie itself to make Kalank memes.

Here are the best 15 of the Kalank memes that will make you relate with what the audience was feeling while or after watching the movie. Enjoy.

1. This was honest

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2. This one was an honest request

3. A warning to those who booked tickets

4. Don’t look for these in Kalanak

5. The cricket touch for Kalank meme


6. The school meme, relate much?

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7. Ehem, did not see that coming!

8. How could there not be a GOT reference!

9. The padosan

10. Pubg toh Banta hai!

11. Blackhole is here

12. Another GOT reference

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13. This sibling reference has dark humor (lol)

14. The ex

15. Coz Varun Dhawan has to be trolled

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In Conclusion:

Though the acting of Varun, Alia, Madhuri was commendable, the film lacked at many levels, deeming it to the tag of being lavish but not a really good one. And anyway, memes are just another tool by which you can make a movie go popular.

Whatever the case be, Kalank memes are hilarious to the core. Did you like them? Let us know in the comment section. 

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