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Another Man Climbed An Electric Pole As His Family Won’t Let Him Marry His Lover

It seems climbing electric poles has become the next viral trend.

Recently, an Agra man climbed an electric pole with his new-born daughter because he wanted his wife to return to him. And this time, a Karachi man did the same stunt.

What has happened?

A Karachi man climbed an electric pole only to get the approval of his family to marry his love. And it wasn’t a small one. The electric pole was around 120 feet high.  All this drama, because his family was not ready for him to get married to the girl he loved.

man climbed an electric pole

Distressed and angered by this, he took the matter in his own hands.

man climbed an electric pole

And he thought, what better than threatening his own life.

man climbed an electric pole

So, he went on to climb the high-tension pole in Korangi Industrial area on Wednesday afternoon.

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Soon, there was a commotion of hundreds of people and by-passers who couldn’t help but stop and look at the movie-like scene going on.

man climbed an electric pole

How did he get down?

At first, K-E shut the power of the pole line and informed the fire brigade. Mikes and loudspeakers were arranged and his family was informed.

The area soon turned into a film set and his sister and family members started pleading him to get back to safety.

man climbed an electric pole

But, it didn’t affect him.

He kept on saying that unless they agree that he will marry his lover, he won’t come down.

Well, I don’t know if they agreed or not, but after 4 hours of to and fro, he was finally convinced by the authorities and brought down in a crane.

man climbed an electric pole

Who was he?

The crazy man was identified as Muhammad Shakir, a resident of Shah Faisal Colony and soon after he was brought down to safety, he was taken into custody. And why not. This stupid guy, after all, created a lot of mess for the authorities too. And the busy road was blocked with traffic because people gathered around to see what’s going on.

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Watch the hilarious video here:

In Conclusion:

I hope he won’t try the same ever again. I don’t know what was going on in his mind, but I bet the police would have thrashed him left and right to pour some sense in his empty brain by now. Anyway, jokes apart, this isn’t the way anyone should try and convince someone. There are better ways to make someone agree to your terms.

And climbing an electric pole is certainly not one of them!

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