Kareena Kapoor Car Seized By Kerala Police; Know The Complete Matter

Kareena Kapoor car seized and has been parked in Kerala’s Chertala police station for the past year. This Porsche car has been seized from Monson Mavunkal, an accused in the fraud case. The Crime Branch of Kerala Police arrested Monson Mavunkal for stealing valuable antiques. The car was found with him, which is registered at Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Mumbai address.

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Is Kareena Kapoor Car Seized?

Police said that Monson hasn’t yet given the registration papers of the vehicle to the police. In such a situation, it is not known to whom this car belongs. The police have seized over 20 cars from Monson Mavunkal in the case of Shrivatsam Group. One of these cars is registered in the name of actress Kareena Kapoor. However, it is unclear to whom this car belongs; but the registration was made in 2007 in Mumbai. The Porsche car is also registered at Kareena Kapoor’s address in Mumbai.

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Monson Mavunkal Is A Big Fraud

Monson Mavunkal was arrested for stealing antiques amounting to 10 crores and a fraud car. The Kerala police are trying to find out the total count for such luxury vehicles Monson has. Vehicles are found in Monson Mavukal’s Chertala house. Vehicles are kept in Chertala police station and vehicles found in Mavukal’s house in Kochi have been registered in different states of India.

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The police have also come to know that Monson Mavukal buys luxury cars at cheap prices and pretend to be rich. Monson Mavunkal claimed that he is a cosmetologist, philanthropist, educationist, motivational speaker and actor of Telugu films. At the same time, he said that he also runs NRI Organisation and has contacts with politicians, police, and the cinema of Kerala.

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