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Karnataka Don Goes Viral For Worshiping His Deadly Collection Of Guns

People worship idols, stones, and trees. And given the count that there are 33 crore gods and goddesses in India, anyone can choose to worship any god, right?

But, have you heard about anyone who worships weapons? Like full power guns and pistols and shotguns to machetes? I am pretty sure, you haven’t.

Well, you don’t need to go far for it. Our incredible India has a Don, who apparently practices this unique ritual to worship the guns he has in his possession. During Ayudha Pooja, he shot a video with his wife, worshiping the weapons he have and the video went viral as soon as it hit social media platforms.

Karnataka Don Who Worships Guns

And why not? I mean, who on earth worships guns?

But N Muthappa Rai, an ex-gangster from Karnataka does. He had recently changed his profession and became the president of the Karnataka Athletics Association.

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Karnataka Don Who Worships Guns

But I guess, he couldn’t leave behind his daily gangster rituals. Even his wife was seen religiously offering prayers and flowers to the ‘GUNS’.

As bizarre it is to worship something which kills people, it is also kinda-sorta illegal. So sadly, his former ritual got him into trouble. He was summoned by the Central Crime Branch officials to explain the possession of weapons.

In response, he has already appeared before Assistant Commissioner of Police (Organised Crime Wing) V Mariyappa at CCB office in Chamarajpet and submitted the documents of the weapons in question.

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On the contrary, when his gunman was questioned, he said that they don’t own weapons and had leased them from a company. However, there are no documents submitted for the whole thing. So, we can say that no one knows the entire truth yet.

In Conclusion:

Whether or not, he will be charged or punished for possession of weapons, is a different question altogether. But what’s more interesting, is the fact that this is the first time a video of someone worshiping his guns has surfaced?

Have you ever seen something bizarre like this? Let me know.
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