Karwa Chauth 2022: 8 Things to Make Your Girl Feel Special

Karwa Chauth is a festival celebrating the everlasting bond between a husband and wife. With multiple mythological stories associated with this festival, the belief is that when wives observe fast on this auspicious day, their husbands are blessed with a longer, healthier and prosperous life.

Although it is a tradition, I think it’s purely the love of a wife towards her husband. It is for this love wives give up eating and drinking on this day, so that her husband can have a better life.

If you also want to share the same feelings with her, then you should check this article for amazing ideas to make her feel equally special like her.

1. Prepare Sargi

Prepare Sargi
Prepare Sargi

Sargi is a meal prepared by the mother-in-law of the woman that she is supposed to eat before sunrise. It is an important ritual of the day as the one who observes fast eats this and nothing else until the moon rises. You can prepare a delicious meal for your lady to devour in her Sargi and prepare her for the upcoming hungry day.

2. Keep Karwa Chauth Fast

Men keeping Karwa Chauth Fast
Men keeping Karwa Chauth Fast

You can observe a fast on the same day as her so that she knows she is not the only one praying for a happy and fulfilling life with you. It will show her how much you care for her and you would suffer the pain of hunger with her.

3. Clean and Decorate the house for her

Clean and Decorate the house for her
Clean and Decorate the house for her

Women love a clean and decorated house so if you want to go the extra mile, you should clean the house. Then to add to the element, you should decorate the house with clean bedsheets, sofa throws, drapes, flowers, scented candles, and more of what she likes to keep the ambience favourable for her mood.

4. Plan Your Whole Day With Her

Plan Your Whole Day With Her
Plan Your Whole Day With Her

Since your wife will have a difficult time throughout the day without food, it would be a great idea for you to plan the entire day with her. You can plan some surprises that will keep her cheerful or simply spend some quality time with her watching her favourite movie or something.

5. Gift Her Some Jewellery

Gift Her Some Jewellery
Gift Her Some Jewellery

Everybody knows the mantra to make a woman happy: Jewellery. The undeniable love that a lady has for her jewellery is unmatchable. If you are planning to gift her something, then jewellery is what you should go for. You can choose between diamond jewellery, gold, silver or platinum jewellery, whatever she likes!

6. Invite Her Loved Ones

Invite Her Loved Ones
Invite Her Loved Ones

If you think more people in her life can cheer her up better than you, then be a hero and call them over. Spending her day with her loved ones will keep a smile on her face and you in her mind because after all, you are the thoughtful person who called these people over to make her feel good.

7. Help Her Get Ready

Help Her Get Ready

Karwa Chauth is the day when every woman looks ravishing and dolled up for her husband, herself, and the pictures that she will upload on her Instagram later on. Nothing will make her happier in the evening if you help her get ready. Maybe give her a facial before she gets ready and then hand her safety pins while she drapes her saree, holds makeup brushes for her, get her sandals ready and do more.

8. Dinner Date

Dinner Date
Dinner Date

She will be starving for the whole day so she deserves the best meal in the night after she worships the moon. It leaves you with two options, where you can either cook her something great or take her to her favourite restaurant. Remember to give her something to snack on until you reach the restaurant. Also, it would be great if you could arrange food at the restaurant on call before you guys arrive to avoid making her wait for the food.

Why do we Celebrate Karwa Chauth?

We celebrate Karwa Chauth for the long, healthy and prosperous life of our husbands. If you wish to know the original significance of this festival, then I must mention that there are many but here is the one that makes the most sense to me.

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Karwa Chauth 2022
Karwa Chauth

Thousands of years ago, when the devas were fighting the danavas, they were not doing their best. It is when Brahma suggested the wives of the devas observe a fasting ceremony from sunrise to moonrise praying for their long lives. It is when they kept this fast and prayed for the long life of their husbands which made them win the war against the devils. Since then, every woman likes to follow it and pray for a good and long life for her better half.

How to Prepare Sargi Thali?

Sargi is the first meal of the Karwa Chauth festival which will help the woman get through the entire fasting period. To ensure that the woman doesn’t fall sick due to lack of food and water, here is how you should prepare the Sargi thali:

Sargi Thali for Karwa Chauth 2022
Sargi Thali for Karwa Chauth
  • Add fresh fruits that will help her retain water level in her body.
  • Add yoghurt or fruit yoghurt, to fulfil the protein and calcium requirements of her body.
  • Add dry fruits that will provide her with sufficient energy and nutrients.
  • Add coconut to ensure blood sugar levels and water levels in the body.
  • You should also add a light meal like vermicelli, halwa or something salty as per her taste.
  • Add milk flavoured with kesar, ilaichi or anything else that she likes.

Avoid all kinds of fried items, coffee, spicy food, and extremely sugary or salty food.

How to Celebrate Karwa Chauth: Karwa Chauth Rituals

If you are looking forward to observing a fast on this day, then let me tell you what you should be doing. Read these step by step instructions carefully to learn the correct rituals of Karwa Chauth:

  • You should wake up early in the morning at 3 A.M.
  • Take a proper shower including washing your hair.
  • Wear new clothes to look your freshest.
  • Eat your Sargi prepared by your mother-in-law.
  • Make sure to eat before sunrise.
  • Do not eat or drink anything throughout the day.
  • Attend a ceremony in the evening organised by women, if there is one near you.
  • Once the moon rises, do the pooja.
  • Light the Diya and put it on the sieve.
  • Look at the moon through it and throw the diya back over your shoulder.
  • Offer water and mathri to the moon.
  • Then look at your husband through the sieve.
  • Let him break your fast with water, mathri and sweets kept in your thali.

How to Prepare Puja Thali for Karwa Chauth?

To prepare your Puja Thali for Karwa Chauth, here is what you need to do:

Puja Thali for Karwa Chauth 2022
Puja Thali for Karwa Chauth
  • Take a decorated thali as per your liking.
  • Add flowers and sweets to it.
  • Make a diya using flour and keep mustard oil with it.
  • Add a lota full of water and mathri.
  • Do not forget to keep the sieve.


These are all the meaningful gifts you can plan for your wife. If you still want to do more, then throw in a gift that she would really cherish which could be anything she has been meaning to buy.

I am sure these things are more than enough to make her feel good on this pleasantly stressful day. If you have anything else on your mind, then please leave it in the comment section below to help your fellow readers.

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