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Did Katrina Kaif Really Deserve The Flak She Faced In Canada?

The paparazzi life of stars isn’t a secret. Wherever they go, they get surrounded by fans who love and adore them.

But sometimes, the exact opposite of this happens and things take an unexpected turn. Something similar happened with the Barbie-doll of our B-industry.

katrina kaif

Yes, we are talking about ‘Katrina Kaif’ who was in Canada for her Dabangg Reloaded tour.

The incident occurred when she came out of the airport. Few fans were waiting outside anxiously for the stars and as usual, all they wanted was to click a selfie. Katrina was exhausted and did not want to pose for the camera at all, which is why she chose to avoid the fans calmly and walked towards the car.

But hey, how can she do that?
She is a star after all and she is supposed to entertain the fans even if she is tired and needs some rest right?

Among the crowd, there was a female who somehow felt that insulting Katrina would be the best thing she can do. (now that she isn’t going to let them click a selfie) It clearly shows how desperate and unsensible fans cans be sometimes.

The lady further added up to this drama by singing,’ We don’t want to take a picture with you’ and boooed Katrina.



Katrina could have lost her temper and did something equally low, but did she? NO.

She didn’t lose her cool and replied very calmly. Her response to this was elegant and logical. She said,’ Hey, don’t do that. You know what guys you should calm down. It was a long flight and I am really tired and exhausted. It was a long show.’

To this, the female fan went further on and commented, ‘Kat you need a better attitude, you think you are an actress and people will just come to adore you? You need a better attitude man.’

The bodyguards were trying to calm the fans down but yet again, the female howled,’ Don’t tell me to calm down. I am in public. You don’t tell me to calm down.’ The comments also included,’ We want Salman Khan.’

Nevertheless, Kat didn’t stop here. She brushed it off, put on a smile and went ahead to get selfies clicked with her fans. She interacted with the fans and her bodyguards meanwhile kept the crowd under control. Now that’s’ like a true diva. Don’t you think?

katrina kaif

The point is, as fans, why don’t you realize that even stars have a personal life. On top of that, you all know how hectic the life of a star is. Therefore, how can you expect them to be always up and ready to entertain you and ply by your requests?

You have no idea how many hours she would have spent on that flight. And if she isn’t stopping for pictures, it doesn’t prove that she is showing attitude.

You might have waited countless hours outside the airport waiting for your favorite stars, but that really doesn’t mean that they owe it to you. They deserve as much space and respect as you do. So, the next time you bug a star, just remember that they are human beings. So, you better learn how to act humanely.

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