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‘Worst Time’ Of My Life Was After Winning KBC, Says Sushil Kumar Who Won Rs 5 Crore In Season 4

If you are a Kaun Banega Crorepati fan, then you must be aware of who Sushil Kumar is. The man is one of the brightest to have had won the maximum sum of amount in the show.

Sushil Kumar had won Rs 5 crore on the fourth season of the quiz show and while many think that it must have changed his life for good, but he narrates a different tale.

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Recently, the man himself took on social media to share how badly his life changed after winning KBC 4. In the post, he details how he got addicted to booze and cigarettes, got duped by cheats, made some bad decisions and even ruined his relationship with his wife.

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The note has been titled ‘The worst time of my life was after I won KBC’. he wrote in Hindi, ‘From 2015 to 2016, it was the most difficult time of my life and I could not figure out what to do.’ He goes on to add how winning KBC brought him fame and he was invited to appear for functions and various events in Bihar almost 15 days in a month.

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He says that the media would ask him about his investments so he, not thinking much, made investments in some businesses so he would have something to tell the media. These businesses of course didn’t yield a good result.  

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Sushil started donating Rs 50,000 every month to different causes. He then found out that he was cheated by a perosn. His relationship with his wife suffered too and he almost got divorced. 

He adds in the post that he met some student groups in Delhi who would tell him about the world and expose him to new ideas. “But all this was followed by an addiction, of cigarettes and alcohol. Whenever we would meet, it would be over booze and cigarettes,” he writes.

He later went to Mumbai to pursue his love for acting. But there, he ended up being a writer. He wrote a script for a show, which earned him Rs 20,000.

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‘Staying in all day and reading about things made me take an unbiased look at myself and I realised that I didn’t come to Mumbai to become a filmmaker but to run away from my own self. The true happiness is in doing what your heart wants to do. You can never calm down you ego. It’s a thousand times better to be a good human than a famous one,’ he writes.

Source – DNA India

He then pulled away from all this and decide to change his life. He returned home to become a teacher. And now is happier than ever before.

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The post is a lesson that helps you understand life, which is not always about how much you earn. It is about how you treat yourself, your family and the choices you make. Afterlife, you will never be remembered for the money you had but always the person you were to someone else.

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