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This Is Why You Should Keep Your Home Scented

Keeping your house clean and fresh is what we all want to do. People add home decors to make it look beautiful. All that just so your neighbours and relatives can give your house some good compliments.

But there is something that most of you might not pay much attention to. Keeping your home scented is something that will make your house look and smell pretty.

Even science suggest that keeping your home scented will make your home look and feel better. According to a study, one at Columbia University has revealed that with every breath you inhale a smell, that brings back old memories and boosts your mood.

So in order to tell you the benefits of scented home, here are the 4 reasons why you should keep your home scented.

1. It improves your mood


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People often use incense sticks to fill their home with the smell. According to science doing so will fill your home with the mood-enhancing scents. As all of these scents are infused with the stress and anxiety healing properties. Also, just so you know, Aromatherapy is a practice of science which is used for healing and cosmetic purposes.

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2. Creates familiarity

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On average, a normal human breathes 20,000 times a day. Each breath pulls a new scent inside your nose. These smells are often connected to a previous memory that helps your body to relax in the new setting that has the same smell. These smells are like a stamp for your brain and it gives you the feeling of familiarity, that makes your body feel relaxed. But only use the scents that bring back good memories.

3. Helps you focus better

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Have you ever wonder why temples and monasteries have so many incense sticks? Well, apart from boosting your mood, scents can also improve your productivity. In a study, the offices that smell like fresh lemons has proved to be 54 per cent more productive. The lemon scent itself considered good to help with anxiety and anger. People who opt for work from home can use this method to meet their deadlines. The scented room will actually make you focus better.

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4. Anti-bacterial properties

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Not just incense sticks, but you can also use essential oils to fill the house with good smell. Plus point of using essential oils is that they have anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. If someone has a small baby in their house, using essential oils will help to keep germs at bay.

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In Conclusion:

At least now you have reasons to light all those scented candles in your room. Apart from all these beneficial properties of keeping your house scented. Sweet smells will also help you to set the mood for something particular. If you are a guy, start using scents in your house and you’ll get extra attention from your girlfriend and her friend.


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