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Incidents of people having sudden deaths have become common due to underlying heart problems. Our lifestyle, stress, food habits, pollution have significant affect on health chart of our heart. The problem with heart diseases is that they do not show visible symptoms and they can go unnoticed for a long period of time. The easiest way to keep your heart happy and healthy is lifestyle changes.

Maintain Healthy Weight

Obese people are at greater risk of having health diseases. The primary reason of this is weight brings a lot of problems along with it like high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes. It is very easy to control your weight if you are eating right. Go calculate your Body Mass Index and see whether you need to work on your body weight or not. Even if you have a healthy weight; add more unsaturated fats in your diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Physical Exercise

It is important to be regular at exercise when you want to keep your body in control. Some people don’t do anything because they can’t go to gym regularly. But you need to understand that any exercise is good for example cardio, running or yoga. There are other benefits of exercise like it keeps your mind clear and helps you to get good sleep. It also prevents you from unnecessary distractions in life.

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Quit Alcohol and Cigarettes

Alcohol and cigarettes are major cause of high blood pressure and puts a lot of work on heart. People who drink and smoke regularly are at a very high risk of getting a stroke. It is suggested that you should drink only once in a week and have one-two drinks at a time. Smoking is not advisable at all because it increases risk of getting cancer.


Take Adequate Sleep

We often compromise with our sleep hours in busy life. What you do not know is when you deprive yourself of sleep you make yourself weak. Have at least eight hours of sleep every day and keep you healthy. A good sleep also motivates you to exercise and plan your meals.

Eat Healthy Food

Try to eat simple food for example salad, boiled vegetables, oatmeal, fresh fruit bowl. Stay away from packaged food as they contain high amount of salt and sugar. High salt intake instigates blood pressure problems.

Good Food

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