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This Is Why Arvind Kejriwal’s Poll Promise Of Free Metro For Women Seems To Be Fake

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made some very interesting announcements yesterday. He assures better women’s safety in the national capital. Not just this but as an extra privilege, the Delhi government will offer free metro for women, buses as well. AAP government is also installing nearly 2.8 lakh CCTV cameras on the streets.

Improving women safety is must, the government might have already started working on it. The project of installing CCTV cameras is already underway. Apart from that Kejriwal’s free travel for women promises seems to be fake.

Okay, they might be able to offer the free bus services as Delhi Transport falls under the Delhi government. But what about the big promise of the free metro for all the women’s?

Why Kejriwal’s free metro promise seems to be a fake promise?

free metro for women


First thing, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government is yet to clearly state how the decision of free Delhi Metro for women’s will be executed. Government has invited suggestions from people. However that not even the main problem.

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According to two former Delhi chief secretaries and a former Delhi assembly secretary, there are two main concerns funds and the DMRC that has to be taken care off. Now DMRC is a joint venture between the Central and Delhi governments.

Furthermore, DMRC said it has received no such information from the Delhi government.

Don’t have enough control over financial matters

free metro for women

AAP government is willing to spend Rs 700 to Rs 800 crore to sponsor the travel of women commuters for the remainder of the year. Though, Delhi government is lacking full control over the funds. They have to refer to the Lieutenant Governor (LG), who is appointed by the central government, for approval.

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S.K. Sharma, the former Delhi assembly secretary, come up with some suggestions and said that there are, however, two options available.

‘To get fund approved Delhi government need the approval from the central government. Though, the process can be dodged legally, by switching heads in the budget. But that too requires the permission of the competent authority, the LG. AS we all know LG might not approve the spendings.’ Said S.K. Sharma.

The DMRC board and system

free metro for women

The second problem is the DMRC boar and system. In order to provide free metro to women, Delhi government has to secure approval from the DMRC board itself.

The DMRC included 13-member board of directors that take cares of all Delhi Metro’s affairs. Secretary, Housing and the Urban affairs ministry are the head of this board.

And as we, for now, DMRC chairman is not agreeing onto something that is just a poll promise and may result in near total loss. Plus there no such system in place to help this project. In buses we have conductors but in metro, there is no such system that can identify the gender of the passengers.

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What will prevent its misuse if a woman buys a ticket and a man uses it?’

In Conclusion:

After knowing all this, Kejriwal’s promises seem like just a poll promise that is in place just to lure extra votes. But if somehow, the AAP government is able to implement this free metro for women service. Their chances of winning again will get strong.

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