Key Facts and Details About India’s First Hydrogen-Powered Ferry

The first hydrogen-powered ferry in India was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The PM launched the originally made hydrogen fuel cell ferry remotely from Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu.

India’s First Hydrogen-Powered Ferry

The first hydrogen fuel ferry in India was launched. This ferry will soon be running in the Ganga River in Kashi as well. To the people of Kashi, this is an amazing present from the people of Tamil Nadu, PM Modi said.

According to Prime Minister Modi, Tamil Nadu’s “ease of living” has improved as a result of the Central Government’s constant attempts to increase connectivity. Development in the marine industry is linked to the growth of a state like Tamil Nadu. According to him, the new initiatives are a crucial component of the plan for a developed India.

Built by Cochin Shipyard

The hydrogen-powered ship, designed and constructed by Kerala’s Cochin Shipyard, is a significant advancement in sustainable transportation. The catamaran-style hydrogen fuel cell ferry is set to launch in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, bringing about a significant transformation in the area’s short-haul transportation system. This completely refrigerated boat, which can hold up to 50 passengers, states to provide efficient and environmentally friendly service.

The ship built by the Indian Inland Water Authority made its first journey from CSL to the High Court Water Metro port in Kochi.

A Step Towards A Green Future

The hydrogen ferry was constructed as a test project, according to CSL, as part of the central government’s goals to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in India by 2070.

The initiative is an aspect of the drive to use hydrogen as a fuel for ships. There is no gas pollution from the boat. Energy use is also affordable. In simple terms, it also reduces the effects of global warming, according to a statement from CSL.

The fuel cell, power train, energy storage system, power management system, control system, and other components of the system have all been carefully planned, developed, integrated, and tested at KPIT’s facility before being put within the vessel, the statement stated.

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