KFC And Pizza Hut Have Teamed Up To Give Us All-New "Popcorn Chicken Pizza" And F**k I Want It - Viral Bake
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KFC And Pizza Hut Have Teamed Up To Give Us All-New “Popcorn Chicken Pizza” And F**k I Want It

Experiments are a part of the food industry and Pizza Hut and KFC don’t seem to be shying away from carrying out one or two. Two of our favourite fast food brands have joined hands to already give us the fast food of the decade.

And if still guessing what it is? Then hail what sounds like mouth-flooding Popcorn Chicken Pizza.

KFC And Pizza Hut Have Teamed Up To Give Us All-New Popcorn Chicken Pizza
Source – Delish

Though this seems delicious, but hold on because most of us can only drool over the same and not actually have it. The combo is a limited-edition item available only in the UK as of now. Also, the pizza can only be bought between February 3 and February 16.

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So if you happen to be anywhere across the Atlantic, go to PizzaHut.co.uk and get your order sorted. And please buy for us too. We would owe you one. Sigh!!!

Popcorn Chicken Pizza
Source – Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

The pizza that looks ummm is simply made by blending the goods goods of KFC and goods goods of Pizza Hut. The crust has been offered by Pizza Hut, and the world renowned Chicken comes directly from KFC’s classic ovens.

Popcorn Chicken Pizza by KFC and Pizza Hut
Source – Thrilist

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Then smear them with some corn, mozzarella cheese, and gravy and here you have your new movie time snack that you would never share with anyone. And if you do, dude? Are you out of your mind?

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