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Kid Using Alexa’s Help To Complete His Homework Shows The Perfect Use Of A.I.

When I was a kid, I never liked to do my homework. I’m a grown-up now, but nothing really changed. I still hate doing my office work at home because it feels like bloody fucking homework.

But, I think after watching this viral video of a kid using Alexa’s help to complete his homework, I’m dying with laughter. Thinking, if this kid is a genius or a lazy ass just like me!

What’s this video?

Homework is a nightmare for any school kid. After getting trapped inside a human prison for almost 6 hours kids often cry for their freedom. But before enjoying their freedom they have to complete their homework and that’s really sad.

kid using Alexa's help

Well, it isn’t if you are Jariel. This kid, who knows how to use his parents Alexa Echo to help him with his homework. The video shows, Jariel asking Echo a math’s problem (what’s 5 – 2?). Being an A.I. this is a pretty basic question for Alexa to solve.

Being a good apprentice, A.I. replied to his master’s command by giving him the correct answer.

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Alas, this would have been so nice if he didn’t get busted by his mother.LOL. Actually, she was recording all this on his mobile phone. Yerelyn Cueva is the mother of this little genius kid, who shared this video with the caption “Lmfao should I whoop him now or later.”

kid using Alexa's help

By now this little genius kid has got almost 8.4 million views. Twitter-ers can’t control their feeling after watching this kid using Alexa’s help to complete his homework as he showed them the internet the proper use of an A.I.

You must be thinking the boy is so cute and smart but that’s not it, Jariel is a gentleman as well. After finishing his homework, the boy thanked Alexa by saying ‘Thank you, Alexa, for helping me with my homework.’

Watch the video here:

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In Conclusion:

Seeing things like this it seems fine to have an A.I. installed in every house, but we all have seen Terminator. It is good that the little dude thanked Alexa in the end, showing good behavior, otherwise who knows Alexa might get screw-up with Jariel’s homework just to teach him a lesson.

I’m just saying, you know, never trust on A.I. they can fuck you up!

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