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Leave Your Worries To This Website When Your Child Is Using Internet!

When you have a computer and a kid in the same vicinity, somewhere deep down the heart you know that it’s a recipe for disaster.

Most of the times when your child surfs the internet, you hover around to check what your kid is up to.

Well, to put an end to this, ‘Kiddle’ has come to your rescue.

‘Kiddle’ is the customized search engine designed for your kids which uses an advanced version of Google search.

It makes surfing activities safe and age-appropriate for your children. This search engine includes features like safe search which eliminates any profane websites and provides you with the list of safe links.

Moreover, it has the feature of kid-oriented results and big thumbnails. Kiddle has large fonts and modified privacy settings. It will help your kids to get a clear understanding of any topic.

What’s new in it?

The appearance of the search engine is colorful and undoubtedly kids-friendly. To begin with, the theme of Kiddle itself is set against a colorful alien planet with a red droid alien to answer your child’s search queries.

With bigger and colorful fonts, well-spaced result display, it will be easier for your kids to read and understand the content.

The Search Results

Even though the search interface of Kiddle is much similar to Google, the difference can be seen in the results. The results on Kiddle are specifically modified for your kids and are checked and handpicked by the editors.

The top three results display the websites that have content specially devised for kids. These websites would have a very simple language that can be easily grasped.

The next websites on the list are those, which have fairly strong content. These websites are also from safe and trusted sources that eliminate the possibility of any cyber-threat.

The next websites on the list will feature a complex content but even then it would be from the list of safe websites.

If your kid still tries to search for something which is actually ‘unsuitable’, Kiddle has the solution for it. In this case, the droid alien comes back with the message- Oops, try again.

What else do you need to know about Kiddle?

You also get an additional benefit from using this search engine. Kiddle doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information, and the logs delete itself every 24 hours.

On the other hand, it uses .co at the end of the website, which means ‘children only’. This, however, is not a product offering from Google.

Undoubtedly, Kiddle is going to offer you a lot of aid in terms of keeping away your kids from explicit and harmful content which is available freely otherwise. 

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