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Two Middle School Girls Planned To Kill Their Classmates To Eat Their Flesh And Drink Blood

Humanity is dying every day.

But I was literally shocked after hearing the news of two middle school girls, who brought knives to school and had planned to kill their classmates. They further had gruesome plans for the later part.

This incident took place last Tuesday in Bartow, Florida. According to the written report released by the Bartow Police department, two girls, ages 11 and 12 were found armed with knives in the school toilet. They were planning to slit the throat of their classmates and drink their blood.

killer girls florida


What was their plan?

Last weekend, both the girls were watching a scary movie at one of their houses. And that’s when they planned to kill their classmates. Their original plan was to kill as many possible targets but they were hoping to murder at least one student.

The reason behind this was- ‘Murdering their fellow classmates, drinking their blood and eating their flesh would make them the worst sinner.’ They were planning to commit suicide afterward, so that they could directly go to hell, to Satan.

Luckily, no one was harmed and the girls are under arrest. But, come on, I mean how can anyone get convinced with the fiction and fantasy that is shown on television?

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killer girls florida

How school authorities were able to avoid this massacre?

When both girls were missing in the Tuesday class, school authorities started searching for them in the school premise. Soon, they found both the girls sitting inside the toilet stall. According to the reports, they were waiting for the small kids to show up.

Fortunately, their plan was foiled and nobody got hurt.

What weapon they were carrying?

Killer girls florida


When school authorities frisked the girls, they found that the girls were armed with four knives, pizza-cutter, and a knife sharpener.

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In conclusion:

It seems that the leniency in possession of arms is affecting America badly. And I don’t know why people still don’t understand that weapons are not meant for killing, they are made for self-defense. The American government should provide serious student counseling in the schools throughout the state so that these kind of incidents won’t take place.

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And on the other hand, I sincerely hope our kids don’t start following this culture of becoming a psychopath.

Because kids are believed to be the purest souls, and if these vile thoughts corrupt them, who knows what the world would look like in near future? 

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