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Killer Whales Approached Swimmer On An Isolated Beach In New Zealand. Here’s What Happened Next

Do you ever fancy a swim in the emerald green ocean?

If you love swimming, I bet you would fall in love with the beaches New Zealand has to offer. But a female swimmer who was enjoying her ‘me-time’ in the sea, never knew what she was going to experience next.

What was the swimmer?

The female swimmer was on one of the isolated beaches of New Zealand.

killer whales approached swimmer New Zealand

No doubt, the beach looked mesmerizing and beautiful. She began her swim and was casually pedaling on the waves when she felt something was approaching her.

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killer whales approached swimmer New Zealand

The video, which was apparently recorded by a drone flying above her showed that there were killer whales around her.

killer whales approached swimmer New Zealand

Not one, not two, but three killer whales approached her.

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killer whales approached swimmer New Zealand

Out of the three, one looked immensely big in size.

What happened next?

The swimmer couldn’t identify instantly that killer whales approached her. The first thought that crossed her mind was that it might be a group of dolphins.

killer whales approached swimmer New Zealand

But soon, she was able to see the distinct white marks which only killer whales bear and she realized she was in danger.

killer whales approached swimmer New Zealand

She slowly started swimming towards the shore but the biggest one of the killer whales kept swimming really close to her.

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You can even say that she was trying to stop her from going away. More like, the whale wanted to play with the swimmer.

killer whales approached swimmer New Zealand

However, she didn’t stop trying. She kept swimming naturally and maintained her pace towards reaching the shore.

killer whales approached swimmer New Zealand

After a few minutes of play, the killer whales went deeper into the ocean while the swimmer made it safely back to the beach.

The chilling video was shared on the Facebook page of Adorable Animals and has gone viral ever since.

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In Conclusion:

It isn’t the first time killer whales approached humans, but thankfully it didn’t end up in bloodshed. The killer whales are the apex predators of the sea, which means no one hunts them or eats them. It was indeed a lucky day for the female swimmer that she was not eaten whole. Instead, the killer whales just played around and went on their way.

Somehow, I feel that it was a killer whale family and the whale kids wanted to look at a human closely. The mom whale spotted one and showed her kids how an actual human looked like. LOL.

Btw, that’s my point of view. What’s your theory about what happened? Lemme know. 
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