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Killing A Big Octopus With Bare Hands – Bravery Or Brutality?

This world is full of wonders.

Wonders that sometimes amaze you, but sometimes they make you feel like you don’t know half the truth of the mankind. Like the lengths a human being can go to amuse himself or prove a point.

Looks like a certain fisherman has a great practice at catching and killing big bad octopus with its eight strong tentacles with suction cups. Only, who really is bad in the video?

See for yourself and decide, is it bravery or brutality?

This man has a grip over how to catch hidden octopuses from the rocky seashores heavily covered with sea marsh.


The ocean is on its full swing with water swamping him with current, but he is hell-bent on doing what he came to do.


He makes his first attempt but didn’t succeed.


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Then he makes another failed attempt.


The water is engulfing the entire body of rocks with full force making it an impossible task for him.


The big octopus is hidden, gripping the rocky edges somewhere in between the two slippery, moss-laden rocks. It isn’t easy to slide your hand in and bring out the devil.


The current of water covered the entire area again and the moment the water level drops down, the man waiting for this opportunity quickly humps down and using a stick tied with a cord, extracts the octopus securely stuck on the walls using its suction cups.


It takes him quite an amount of force to pull it finally out into the open.

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Big one with slithery brown outer skin and with tentacles which have numerous powerful suctions cups protruding out of it.


Octopus is trying to grip the hand of the fisherman so it could probably do something to save itself, but the man conveniently removes the tentacles whenever it tries to stick them on his hand.


Now, when the octopus doesn’t stop squirming, this brave fisherman takes him back into the sea and fiddles brutally with its head.


In place of a firm head this poor being once had, there is a smashed piece of meat and things like a piece of its brain or something dripping out of it.


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It still alive and writhes some more when this guy who isn’t done with the act yet, picks it up again and takes him to the sea once more. His bemusement isn’t over yet, he wants to play some more.


The poor octopus is now half-dead, with his brains sprawling on the rock.


Till the end of the horrifying video, the poor creature squirmed and wriggled, not fully dead, getting tortured at the cost of human insanity.Finally, he is left by his hunters rotting on the beach.


Why such inhumane treatment to such majestic creatures? They just caught it and killed it for fun.

Did you know that octopuses are more intelligent than 10-year-old children or dogs?

So, is he an incredible fisherman or a man with no mercy in his heart?

I think he would have been an incredible fisherman if he had just thrown the poor creature back into its habitat instead of picking pieces of its brain so brutally.

Views guys?


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