Know All About Golden Passport, Only 9.4% Have the Access to It

In 2022, around 9.4% of people seeking golden passports worldwide were Indians, according to data from Citizenship Invest in an ET report. But what’s a golden passport? It’s like a special offer from some countries. If you invest a lot of money or buy property there, you can become a citizen. For Indian business folks, having a higher-ranked passport isn’t just about travel, it makes doing business a whole lot easier, says the report.

Kristin Surak, a professor at the London School of Economics, wrote a book called “The Golden Passport: Global Mobility for Millionaires.” She talked about how Indians face challenges in international stuff because their passports have limitations.

Know All About Golden Passport

Travel to 60 Countries Without Visa With an Indian Passport

An Indian passport opens doors to visa-free travel in just 60 countries, matching Tajikistan’s access.

On the other hand, gaining citizenship in places like Saint Kitts and Nevis or other Caribbean countries allows you to travel to 157 nations, including the European Union and the United Kingdom. This broader freedom to move around is great for important international business meetings and deals, he points out.

Top-notch for business are European countries, with Germany taking the lead, followed by Sweden, Spain, France, and Italy. Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO of PM Relocations, points out some standout passports like Portugal for EU access, Grenada for hassle-free US entry, Cyprus for a quick EU citizenship route, and Malta for broad EU citizenship plus visa-free perks.

Four Types of Indian Passports

Ordinary Passport

It’s the passport for everyone. The blue colour helps officials tell regular folks apart from high-ranking Indian government officials.

Diplomatic Passport

These passports are for Indian diplomats and top government officials. When they travel abroad, they enjoy special benefits, like quicker clearance through immigration, faster than regular travelers.

Orange Passport

These special passports for Indians were introduced in 2018. They look different from regular passports and are for people who haven’t studied beyond class 10. Unlike regular passports, they don’t have the last page with important details. People without higher education qualifications fall under the ECR (immigration check required) category.

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White Passport

It’s a powerful passport reserved for government officials. Issued for official travels abroad, it makes it easy for immigration and customs officials to recognize the holder as a government official and provide the necessary treatment.

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