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WhatsApp scam is common nowadays. Previously, a fake WhatsApp message was circulated over the internet. This WhatsApp message says that Amazon is offering the best and amazing gifts on its 30th anniversary. This time it is something new.

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Now, hackers are trying to hack all their contacts and you can be on the list. They are trying to set up WhatsApp on another device by using your mobile number. In this WhatsApp scam, users get a text message followed by a WhatsApp message saying that “Hello, sorry I sent you a 6-digit code by SMS by mistake, Can you transfer it to me, please? It’s urgent.

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Here is What Writer Alexis Conran Says

Writer Alexis Conran shares the scam details via Twitter to warn his followers.

He shared a snippet from a phone and an image with the caption: “This is a WhatsApp scam that continues to catch people out. It starts with this text message that arrives on your phone out of the blue.”

He also told the followers that when the user receives a text message, a WhatsApp message appears on their screen from any of your contacts.

The message says “Hello, sorry I sent you a 6-digit code by SMS by mistake, Can you transfer it to me, please? It’s urgent.

How to be safe from WhatsApp scammers?

Now, the question is “how to protect yourself from WhatsApp scam?” So, here are the few steps discussed by the tech experts.

  • Avoid tapping the link you receive in the SMS.
  • Don’t provide the OTP if you receive such messages from a contact on your phone.
  • You must call or send a text message (NOT WhatsApp) to let them know that you are hacked.
  • Use a 2-step verification code on your phone.

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