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Kolkata Man Slaps Father For Touching Sweets, What Is Wrong With People?

India is all glittering and shining, as the festival season is here. After Dussehra, people have already started their preparations for Diwali. But amidst all this excitement, an 80-year -old man suffered the wrath of his own son in Kolkata.

What exactly happened?

A son slapped his father because he took sweets from the kitchen and gave it to his wife.

kolkata man slaps father

Yes, just because his father touched the box of sweets without his permission, he slapped him multiple times.

kolkata man slaps father

He even held his collar and abused him.

kolkata man slaps father

Fortunately, the whole incident was recorded by a neighbor who uploaded this on the social media platform. In the video, the aged father can be seen helplessly trying to answer the rude questions his son is asking and meekly withstanding the slaps.

Watch the video here:

Soon, the video went viral and the police took action against him. A formal complaint was lodged and the son was taken under police custody.

Who Is the culprit?

The man in the video is Pradeep Biswas, a Municipality worker and the resident of West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district. He lives with his father, mother, and wife in the same house.

Another sad part about this incident is that his wife was standing just a few meters behind his husband, and did nothing. She didn’t try to stop him from slapping the aged man. This totally proves how low have we stooped in terms of humanity.

The father who raised his son right from birth didn’t deserve to be treated like this, no matter what the issue was. Obviously, this portrays how heartless and pathetic people have become that they choose to treat their own elders in this way. I hope, they realize that they too will get the same treatment from their kids when they reach this age.

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In Conclusion:

It is nothing but a shameful and terrible behavior which is not expected from any humane person. With crimes like murders and rapes already on an ever-increasing slope, these incidents just add on the sick burden of inhumanity which seems to be prevailing on top of this country.

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