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This Kolkata Tea Vendor Has Broken All The Rules Of Milk Tea Making

How do you like your tea? Strong or light?

For most people, milk tea is made by a simple method. A little water is used to boil the tea leaves, then the milk gets added. Finally, sugar is mixed and the brewed liquor is poured in a cup. Voila, your tea is ready.

But that’s the talk of the past

Meet this Kolkata vendor, who probably had a visit to Turkey or some exotic place, where people don’t actually know how a proper tea is made. But hey, this guy still saw some good in their flawed tea making method and said to himself, ‘ Even I can ruin the traditional tea brewing method that people follow in India’.

And he set on the journey to make milk tea in the most uncliched way possible.

Let’s check out how he destroyed the tea-making steps.

So, he begins with adding sugar to the glass.

Milk tea stall kolkata

Yeah, he adds the last ingredient in the first place. Why? Because he can.

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Milk tea stall kolkata

Next, he adds milk, and a helper mixes them together.

Milk tea stall kolkata

Then, he pours a concoction of tea and water from the top to add that Turkey touch. (BTW- he wanted to pour it from the top of the building but authorities didn’t allow him)

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Milk tea stall kolkata

And he adds milk on top. Again. (This guy sure loves his milk)

Milk tea stall kolkata

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I really don’t know why he calls it tea.

Milk tea stall kolkata

He should call it tea-flavored milk because, to be honest, the amount of milk in this so-called tea is 90% of the total volume.

Watch it for yourself:

Whatever be the case, people seem to love this milk tea, considering the fact that it’s mostly milk that they get served at the price of tea. And that’s beneficial if you ask me. I mean, You get a glass of milk at Rs 5.

The gyms nearby have a tie-up with this vendor so that people can build their body by the milk that he serves in the name of the tea. Nothing could be better, right?

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In Conclusion:

What I am concerned about is, how the hell does he keep his profit margins up? Because clearly, he spends his entire budget on milk and with the leftover money, he buys tea leaves.

I guess for him, ‘Shaukh Badi Cheez Hai’. 

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