Kumar Vishwas Attacks Arvind Kejriwal Ahead Of Punjab Polls

Two days before Punjab polls EC removed the ban on releasing video where Kumar Vishwas is making cruel remarks on Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress MP Rahul Gandhi did not waste a minute and slammed Kejriwal on the matter.

Election Commission of India restrained media to release a video where Kumar Vishwas without taking name of Kejriwal accused him of hideous remarks. Kumar Vishwas said that he wanted to become CM of Punjab or PM of Independent Khalistan.  

The video was shared by BJP two days before the third phase of assembly elections. In video Kumar Vishwas said, “One day, he (Mr Kejriwal) told me he would either become CM (of Punjab) or first PM of an independent nation (Khalistan)… he wants power at any cost.”

EC asked media to not release the video and called it, “provocative, communally divisive and inflammatory… maliciously manufactured and circulating in collusion with disruptive elements with a view to defame Arvind Kejriwal”. Polling Body said that the video will create unrest and disharmony among people ahead of Punjab polls.

PM Modi yesterday said that Arvind Kejriwal and his party have a separatist agenda like Pakistan. They want to break India so that they can get power. He also said that every voter should take these remarks seriously and think about it.

He said, “They are ready to join hands with separatists to get power. They are ready to break the country if required. Their agenda is not different from the agenda of the country’s enemies and Pakistan. That’s why they echo Pakistan’s line on surgical strikes. That’s why they want to increase the network of drugs in Punjab.”

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Rahul Gandhi said, “There is no need for long speeches. one word. You meet the media, a word like – Kumar Vishwas is telling a lie, I did not say such a thing or Kumar Vishwas is telling the truth, I did such a thing. Kejriwal is not answering. Why are they not answering…yes…because the founder of AAP (Kumar Vishwas) is telling the truth.”

Aam Admi Party has said that the claims are rubbish and are only made to tarnish the image of Kejriwal before Punjab polls.

Raghav Chaddha tweeted on the matter. He said, “Malicious, unfounded, fabricated, inflammatory insinuations made by Mr.Vishwas are not only demonstrably defamatory but is redolent of promoting hatred ill will, hostility in society and in particular against AAP, as well as supporters as also intending to create a situation of unrest.”

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