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Going on an interview can make many people nervous. What questions interviewer going to ask can be the one reason for your nervousness.

Won’t you gain extra confidence if you know what things an interviewer wants to hear from you?

Well in order to help you strengthen your chance of getting hired. Here are the 3 things an interviewer wants to hear from you.

1. I am really excited about the role

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You don’t have to play hard to get the job. If you are interested than subtly let the hiring manager know it. This will help to make the interview procedure a bit smoother and friendly for you. And you don’t feel nervous around your friends.

Your interviewer would take this as a sign that you are up for the opportunity. He will know that you’ll be loyal. But make sure you don’t sound desperate. Keep it calm.

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2. Yes, I have read about your company and its achievements

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Homewords is boring, I completely agree but sometimes it helps to enter the room with a little bit of homework done. Also, it is necessary to learn and gather information about the company and the job you are going to apply for.

Knowing about the company’s previous achievements, insights, top leadership etc, can help you to land this job. As you’ll leave the impression of a dedicated and hardworking professional.

3. I’m a great fit for this position

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Let your interview know you the best candidate for this profile. Tell him about your skills and previous achievements. Highlight the skills that prove you the best fit for this job post.

Also, tell them how the new learning opportunities can help you to grow your career along with providing benefit to the company.

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Prepare to say, thank you for this opportunity

Apart from the skills required for the job post. Knowing the answer to these 3 questions will help you to impress an interviewer and also to land you this job.

Now you don’t need to get nervous because you know what interview wants to hear from you.

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