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This New Research Suggests You Can Learn New Language While Sleeping

Everyone want’s to learn new languages. You can easily find people using apps like duolingo (language learning apps). Even you might have it installed on your phone because you are trying to learn Spanish.

But you know it’s hard to continue learning from these apps. As you don’t have any extra time in your day to take advantage of these apps. After work, you only want to eat and crash in your bed. Everyone is facing this same problem you are not the only one.

But what if you can learn a new language while sleeping. No, it’s not a joke and yes, you have read the title correctly. According to this new research done on sleeping brain, listening to new foreign words can actually help you learn a new language while sleeping.

What research am I talking about?

Learn new language

Research from, “Decoding Sleep Interfaculty Research Cooperation” at the University of Bern, Switzerland, has revealed that the language learning channel is open during sleep. In simple terms, you can learn a new language by listening to it during your sleep.

Marc Züst, co-first-author of the research paper said, “What we found in our study is that the sleeping brain can actually absorb new information that is provided to it. Not just this but our brain retains that information for a long time.

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But how did they conclude that?

Learn new language

In order to conclude their new findings, researchers invited a few volunteers. They played the recordings of foreign words and their translations to snoozing volunteers who were already in their slow-wave sleep.

For those who don’t know, slow-wave sleep stage is when a person has little consciousness of their environment.

To make things little more interesting and real, researchers added some fake words and their meanings into the tape. When all the subjects woke up, they were asked if this word (that they don’t know yet) denotes an object that was smaller or larger than a shoe box.

Your brain remains active when you sleep

According to Marc Züst, this approach of testing their understanding of unknown words, helps them to tap into their unconscious memory. “Implicit memory is hard to explicitly state. We had to access their unconscious, implicit knowledge through questions about semantic aspects of these new words,” said Züst.

The research was a success as participants of the research were able to accurately classify the words. That too, at an accuracy rate of 10 percent, which is higher than random chance. But that doesn’t mean you can learn a language just by listening to it.

The research only implements that the brain is always absorbing information, even when you are sleeping.

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In Conclusion:

Although the results were not high enough to prove that you can completely learn a new language while sleeping. You sure can get a crash course by learning a few words and its meaning. Also, judging from the small success rate of the research, there is no loss in trying it.

After all, learning a few words from a different language might come handy someday. Especially, when you are planning your next foreign trip. Who knows!! 

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