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This Is Definitely A Bahadur Bille Moment From Swat Kats, Lego Built Life-Size Bugatti Chiron

You must have played with building blocks during your childhood. Some of us liked creating big buildings, while some loved making small homes. Some dreamt of having their own cars and buses and trains stretched across the room.

Especially boys, who would enjoy creating supercars with differently shaped blocks and take them for a spin.

Childhood memories bring nostalgia when your child does the same with his set of blocks. And now the experience will be on a distinctive level with something that is a replica of a real supercar.

Want to experience a world-class ride?

LEGO – The well-known name in the toy industry and the major toy manufacturer has now come up with a new stylish design of a car and it is an exact replica of Buggati Chiron. This imitation of the real car is no less than a dream come true for the wheel lovers. And the best part is…you can drive it! For real.

Have a look at the pictures of Lego Bugatti Chiron car-

lego toys bugatti chiron


lego toys bugatti chiron


lego toys bugatti chiron


lego toys bugatti chiron

Seems like a toy car from a bigger perspective. it’s just unbelievable!

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lego toys bugatti chiron

Just notice how minutely and creatively these blocks are connected. It’s amazingly built!


lego toys bugatti chiron


lego toys bugatti chiron

This amazing car is made of more than one million Lego technic pieces. All these blocks are of different size and structure. Now you must be trying to figure out how these blocks perfectly fit with each other?

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No! This masterpiece does not use even a single drop of glue. It is designed using the same mechanics as the original one. It has a well-formed speedometer, rear-view mirrors, headlights, seat for two in the front and everything that an original car possesses. In short, it’s a fully functional miracle of technology.

This masterpiece would not have been possible without those 20 people dedicated to working for over 6 months. It’s almost 13,000 hours. Wow! That’s remarkable.

This fine doppelganger of Buggati Chiron, having a maximum speed of 20km/hr is actually worth every penny you invest in it.

Other specifications include 5.3 horsepower, 1.5 tonnes weight and 2 inbuilt batteries.

Check out the video to have a close-up of this super runner.

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Want to drive this stunner home? Well, that might not be possible just yet, but it’s the best you could have for a fun ride. Even I am hoping to get a ride in this wonderstruck creation soon.

Let us know in the comment box how you feel about this mind-boggling piece.



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