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Another Lesbian Thrashed! Irrespective Of Supreme Court’s Decision Indian Society Doesn’t Seem To Accept LGBT Community

We all are aware of the news that the law for Section 377 was recently modified.

The LGBT community rejoiced when Supreme Court decriminalized Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. Gays and lesbians set out to showcase their joy through parades and what not.

But, in reality, is this law really put into practice? Is it actually being followed by our citizens? To be honest, it doesn’t seem so. The reaction of our society as always was negative and looks the same even now. Some may agree to it while some do feel ‘eww’ deep down even though they try to look ok with same sex relation.

The Reason?

Our society is a malicious mix of orthodox, conserved and stubborn people who are masters of self-proclamation. They consider themselves above everyone else and live under the impression they can do whatever and whenever they feel like.

As a matter of fact, they do not leave a single chance to mock the legal system and are often spotted resolving crimes by public beatings and mob lynchings.

This indeed is the proof of how perverse our society is!

The recent incident that happened in Hubballi, Karnataka raises the basic ethical concern that has been circulating in India since ages. The concern for women safety and respect. Apparently, it is often talked about but no ground actions are taken to erase this concern whatsoever.

What happened in Hubbali?

According to reports, a woman was thrashed by locals for the crime that ‘she was a lesbian.’

The locals claimed that she was a drug dealer. And additionally, they accused her of calling several women day after day to her house. Clearly, the people in the locality were harboring grudges against this woman.

Had it been a man doing the same thing, no one would have raised concerns. But the accused was a woman and that’s how society treats a woman when she does what she wants to.

To be honest, when has the society supported women? Never.

When a simple act of changing t-shirt on the court can raise eyebrows and unnecessarily penalize a female player, there is no point in stressing over the fact that society will accept LGBT with open arms. It’s just not going to happen.

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However, the locals think that what they did was necessary. The story goes something like this, the woman who was found with the accused was reported missing by her family. No one bothered to inform the police and the locals eagerly took the matter into their own hands.

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The actual motive behind the incident:

Their personal hatred for the lesbians, mixed with the rage of a missing woman sparked the fire. They chose to forcibly enter the accused woman’s house and found the missing woman in an objectionable position. That was it. Without flinching, they unleashed havoc upon the lesbian woman.

Yes, she was thrashed just because she preferred the company of women over men. Big deal? Of course not. They believed they needed to teach her a lesson. Their semi-developed brains could not digest the fact that a woman can love another woman. For them it’s incest. A filthy act which needs to be eradicated.

The real question:

When the Supreme court, the highest court in the country has modified the law and legalized consensual sex between the same gender, who are they to take out their frustration and anger for someone’s personal choices?

Is the acceptance of law too much to ask for? Maybe yes.

After all, the society we live in feeds on the negative use of power and safely resorts to candle marches after a woman is burnt, raped or killed. Other incidents like eve-teasing, molestation, sexual harassment are not even considered as crimes because actually nothing outrageous happens. It sounds utterly stupid but that’s the truth our society adheres to.

In Conclusion:

The question is, what are we expecting out of our future society? More deaths, more thrashings, more rapes?

The answer is an enigma which apparently no one can solve. The laws will keep changing and the society will keep neglecting it as if nothing happened. It is just a matter of time when we come across another incident which is aimed towards LGBT community or women.

Until then all we can do is wait and watch because that is what we are best at, right?

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