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What Does Your Brain Think, When You Lie?

If someone says they’ve never lied, they are fucking lying to you right now.

It is a survival instinct, that we mostly use to escape an uncomfortable situation. Though we all are grown-ups now, and most of us have become a compulsive liar. No matter what, we can’t stop lying as it’s wired inside our brain.

Also, it’s not possible, to be honest all the time. Imagine telling the truth when your girlfriend asks if she looks fat. In this situation, you can’t be utterly honest. Otherwise, you’ll be sleeping on the couch. (For sure)

brain activity and lie

But that’s not the point of concern right now.

Ever wonder what goes inside your brain when you lie? What if our brain judges us the same way we judge other people who lie?
brain activity and lie

Thankfully that’s not true. Instead of doing that, our brain knows how to play this game of lying, and you can say, he is the biggest con artist you will ever know. How? Just continue reading.

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What happens inside our brain when we lie?

Whether we realize it or not, humans lie all the time and every time we decide not to tell the truth, it activates three main parts inside our brain. Our frontal cortex, limbic system, and temporal cortex (these are all the scientific names.) Though, in a more understandable language, we can call them the manipulator, afraid friend, and the storyteller.

When you lie, they play in a team to help us escape answering those unwanted questions, that might ruin our chance to get lucky in bed.

To deceive someone, first, our frontal cortex (the manipulator) comes into action. It is responsible for surpassing the truth to make us believe lying is not wrong.

brain activity and lie

Once, he successfully manipulates our brain, the responsibility is passed on to the next member of this ultimate team of con artists, called the “limbic system.”

If you are not a natural liar or find it hard to keep a secret, it is because of your limbic system as this part makes you think, what if you get caught when you lie? That’s why we call it our afraid friend and indeed not a strong member of the team.

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The main task of this member is to increase the anxiety due to the deception our brain has decided to create. Lie detectors measure the activity (anxiety) inside our limbic system to detect if the person is telling the truth or not.

brain activity and lie

The last member of this team is called temporal cortex (or storyteller). This part of our brain is responsible for the encoding and retrieval of a memory that makes you feel like you are in fact telling the truth when you lie.

brain activity and lie

In order to provide you with a safe escape, these three parts work together and create a perfect picture of fake-truth.

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In Conclusion:

Now you know, your brain is with you when it comes to lying. So don’t waste too much time convincing your girlfriend because you said yes to the question that she has asked you before.

Instead, try and convince your brain to keep the limbic system in control.
Or be ready for the couch! LOL!

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