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Life After Death: 5 Books That Can Help You Know How It Would Be

Death is a word that is enough to strike fear in our minds. It is something that nobody wants to talk about. However, like a universal truth, it comes in everybody’s life. The mystery about after-life or what we say life after death continues in our mind. There is always a curiosity to know more about it.



What if you could know how life after death would be? Well, you don’t have to actually die for getting an idea. Thanks to the visionary writers of our times we have good resources to fall back on to get an idea about life after death.

If you too are interested in knowing about how your life would be after death then here we bring to you an effective guide to that. Check out this list of 5 awesome books that deal extensively and holistically with the subject.

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Journey Of Souls

This book by Michael Newton talks about the immorality of the soul. Apart from describing the journey and immorality of a human soul the book also helps the reader to get an idea about various events in life. One can attain a self of purpose and direction in life after reading the book.



The book is one of Michael Newtons’s popular grosser and talks about the subject in an altogether different approach.

On Life After Death

Published in 1994 this is one of the most researched book on the topic. Author Elisabeth Kübler-Ross conducted extensive research on close to 20,000 people who had near-death experience before penning down the book. Interestingly,  Ross was not a writer by profession. She was a Doctor and Psychiatrist professionally.


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Her book is more of a series of inspirational essays on the topic rather than being a story type description.

Life After Life

The book presents a qualitative study about how the life goes after death. Penned by Raymond Moody who was also a Psychiatrist this book takes a different approach from Ross’s book. Moody has presented a composite account of how it feels to die.



The author tries to explain to the reader about life after death by helping him imagine and believe that he/she is about to die.

Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences

As the name suggest the book takes a scientific, rational and logical approach towards the topic. This is a combined work by Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry that talks about the common core elements that are associated with death.



Thus, rather than being a literary kind of work this is more fact and analysis based description on the topic. The authors have tried to convey the experience of what it feels to be near-death to the readers.

My Journey to Heaven: What I Saw and How It Changed My Life

This one is a real-life narrative by Marvin J. Besteman. Having experienced the death while lying on a hospital’s bed Marvin says that she had felt the bliss of heaven. She shares her encounter with the heavenly angels who escorted her to the gates of heaven.



The author claims to have seen the god from a distance and explains how she traveled to that world and came back to life.


So, which book are you going to pick to decode the mystery of after-life?

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