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Life Hacks That Were Popular In The 10th Century But Still Works

Imagine you hosted a small party last night, which was a huge success. All your friends loved it and had the time of their lives. But now, everyone is gone, and you’re left with the herculean task of house clean up.

Your kitchen sink is filled with a massive pile of glass one on top of the other. You are trying hard, but still, you can’t pull out even one of them. Unfortunately, if you knew 10th-century life hacks, you would have saved yourself so much trouble.

But don’t worry, we will help you. And that’s why we are here with life hacks that were popular in the 10th-century but as a matter of fact, they still work perfectly.

1. Separating two tumbler glasses

10th century life hacks

It is quite natural to put one empty glass into another tumbler, so that, you can easily take them back to the kitchen at once. But sometimes they happen to get stuck, so tightly that no matter how hard you try, they won’t come out. In this case, simply fill the upper glass with cold water and place the bottom glass in hot (or slightly warm water). This way you won’t have to waste your energy and science will work for you. In a few minutes, you can easily take them out.

2. Lighting a matchstick in heavy wind

10th century life hacks

Only legends know this trick, but now you can be one yourself. Simply cut off thin strips on the surface of matchstick facing towards the head of the matchstick. Light up the matchstick and all the shavings will catch the fire immediately, forming a strong fire, that even a strong wind won’t be able to blow off. And there, you have become a legend yourself.

3. Cleaning Ink-stained handkerchief

10th century life hacks

Okay, this one is especially for artists, who usually end up coloring themselves and their handkerchiefs rather than painting the canvas. Don’t worry we got you covered. If you happen to stain your hanky with ink all the time, simply plunge it into milk and leave it for a while. You’ll find after some time that the stains have disappeared. Don’t worry, thank us later.

4. How to make your boots shine like new always

10th century life hacks

It is certainly one of the hardest tasks that one might have to do. Cleaning boots can sometimes take a lot of time because you don’t get the impeccable shine that you want. Simply take a lemon, cut it in half, and rub it all over your boots. You’ll find out that it becomes much easier to polish it now than it was before.

5. Cleaning up the floor with broken glass

10th century life hacks

Glasswares are extremely hard, but once they shatter, even a small piece of glass can cut you deep. So, it is important to be cautious while cleaning the shattered pieces. The easiest and the safest way to clean-up is to use an old rug that you don’t need anymore. Place it over the broken pieces and pick it up. Other than that, you can also use a damped cloth that will help you to pick even the small pieces of glass.

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6. Art of boiling cracked eggs

10th century life hacks

Cracked eggs are a nightmare if you plan to boil them. Not really though, in 10th-century people were smarter as they knew how to fix daily problems effortlessly. That’s why they generated this unique way to boil a cracked egg, that you can also use. Put some vinegar inside water and place the cracked egg in it. Again, because of science nothing will come out of the shell and you will be successful in boiling a cracked egg.

7. Cleaning an oil painting

10th century life hacks

Oil paintings are the perfect attraction for your living room. The only problem with them is that they are hard to clean. Moreover, if you don’t use the right method, you’ll end up ruining them. Though, it just takes a potato and a really dusty painting to get the job done. To clean the painting, cut a raw potato from one side and use the flat, fresh surface to gently rub over the painting. Just remember to cut off the dirty part of the potato after few swipes.

8. Extract a splinter from your hand

10th century life hacks

If you knew this old hack of taking out a splinter from your hand, you would have just loved it. All you need to do is get some warm water and pour it in a wide-mouthed bottle. Now, place the splinter area on top of the opening of the bottle, and press it to create a suction. Soon, steam will work its magic and the splinter will come out of your hand before you know it.

9. Finding north without a compass

10th century life hacks

This is more of a survival skill than a life hack. In case you are stuck in a jungle but don’t have any idea about the direction, simply place the hour hand of your watch towards the sun and place a piece of straight thin wire between the hour hand and the number 12 of your wristwatch. The area between the hour hand and 12 figure of your watch heads toward the South.

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10.How to keep flower fresh for more than a week

10th century life hacks

Flowers are lovely. Their beautiful color and sweet scents attract everyone. The only problem is that they die pretty quickly. But if you are a flower lover, you can keep them fresh for more than a week. How? By using the old school life hacks. Slit a cut into a fresh potato and gently insert the pedicle (end part of the flower) and that’s it.

In Conclusion:

I know, all you can think of now is,’Damn, these 10th-century folks had some brains’. Right? Well, now you know some of the easiest and sassiest hacks for day to day task, which you can even flaunt if you wish.

Pssst…Just don’t tell them it’s from the 10th century. Own it as you know it.

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