Lifestyle Changes During Omicron Spread

Omicron variant of Corona is spreading at a very high rate in India. Situations have become severe in states of Maharashtra, Kerala, Delhi and others. Recently, Delhi government issued yellow alert to take control of the situation. While government is doing its job we also can do something on our own. There are certain lifestyle changes that should be followed by everyone.

Lifestyle changes always prepare our body for adverse situations. But everyone should take all preventative measures to stop the spread of disease. Wash your hands throughout the day and if you are traveling wear a mask. Avoid your hands from touching any surface and do not touch your nose, eyes or ears with your hands.

Here is a list of lifestyle mandates crucial during Omicron spread in the world.

Improve Your Diet

The food that you put in your body determines so many things. It helps you to build immunity and maintain good health. Add vegetables and fruits in your diet and cut down carbohydrates. Vegetables and fruits help you in providing essential nutrients and minerals. Eat tomato, mushrooms, bell pepper, broccoli, spinach as they help your body to fight infections.  

Improve your diet and get healthy

Hydrate Yourself

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Drinking water in adequate amounts helps your body to flush out toxins. This will reduce the chances of flu infections. Add citrus fruit juices and coconut water in your routine.

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Take A Good Sleep

Taking a good sleep helps your body to build immunity. Sleep for 7-8 hours in a day, it will keep you fresh and increase your brain activity. Sleeping gives rest to your body and it restores several body functions.

Sleep properly for better health

Do Some Exercise

Add light exercises in your routine and do them regularly. It increases your metabolism and helps body to flush out toxins through sweating. It also builds immunity naturally.

Practice Meditation

Such times bring lot of stress into our lives. This causes release of cortisol that makes your body susceptible to infections. It makes you anxious and tired. Practicing meditation will help you to calm your nerves and helps you to deal with stress.

Meditation relieves you from stress and calms your nerves

Difficult times ask for great efforts and these lifestyle mandates will make life easier. Recommend this to your loved ones. We have to stay together and we will come out of it stronger.

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