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Light To Strong Coffee That Will Help You Wake Up

Do you hate waking up early? And then hate going for a shower when you actually wanted to sleep for like another zillion hours? Me too.

But more than that, I hate it when I don’t get my coffee. I cannot just go and buy any coffee, I like to be more specific, and I pick my cup depending on my mood.

For example, on Mondays when I actually don’t want to get up from my bed, I look forward to my espresso, which is the only thing that can help me drag my ‘tashreef’ to work.

You should also choose your coffee on the basis of caffeine you need so that you don’t look sleepy in the office meeting. To help you choose the right coffee, I have created a list of Light to Strong coffee that will help you wake up, for real.

1. Latte 77 mg

One shot of espresso along with two-thirds steamed milk will make a perfect cup of Latte. A tall latte cup from Starbucks contains 77 caffeine which undoubtedly, tastes yummy.

2. Iced Coffee 95mg

Perfect for hot summer mornings, when you want to feel fresh and motivated. A single 8 oz cup of iced coffee contains 95mg of caffeine, that’ll help you look bright like the morning sun.

3. Plain Coffee With Milk

It’s plain, just like its name. But that doesn’t make it less special. It is consumed by more than 50% of the people, all across the world. Although it doesn’t taste too good but, it does the work on the days when you are broke AF. It contains 95mg caffeine in an average cup of 8 oz.

4. Affogato 125mg

Some might argue, saying Affogato is a desert, but I believe it is a beverage containing the right amount of coffee, that makes my tummy full when I forget to have breakfast. A tall Starbucks 12 oz cup of Affogato contains 125mg of caffeine.

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5. Cappuccino 150mg

Containing one shot of espresso, hot milk and foam- this is the favorite of most of the people. Creating a perfect balance, a cup of cappuccino is perfect for your not so rough mornings. A usual 12 oz cup contains 150 mg of caffeine.

6. Black Coffee 160mg

Some people might not like it, but I like strong black coffee. Though it is not the strongest coffee and I will never choose it for my Monday mornings. Containing 160mg in an 11 oz cup, this one is perfect when you are out of your bed but still thinking about sleep.

7. Cafe Mocha 170mg

Inspired by the Italian Bicerin (hot espresso drink), Cafe Mocha is an American version of traditional Latte. By containing espresso and hot milk, sandwiched by the bottom layer of chocolate and a thick layer of foam at the top, this one is very effective to wake you up. A 12oz Starbucks cup contains 170 mg of caffeine, which is more than what you need to wake up on your normal days.

8. Americano 225mg

If you like strong coffee, then Americano is made for you. Unlike all the other espresso-based drinks, an americano only contains espresso and hot water. Sounds like a perfect recipe to wake someone up, doesn’t it?

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9. Turkish Coffee 300mg

You might not find it easily in coffee shops, why? Because they are quite strong and a 12 oz cup (which is more than what is usually served) contains 300 mg caffeine, which is right next to the limit of daily amount of caffeine, one should intake.

10. Espresso

It is the strongest one, some people love it (I’m one of them) and some absolutely hate it (you might be one of them). A single shot of espresso contains 212mg of caffeine in a 3oz cup.

In Conclusion:

Coffee is life, not just for me, but for many of you out there as well. Also, there are many who might not like coffee very much or don’t want too much of caffeine in their beverages, so use our list to find out which one you should order on your way to work.

BTW, which one is your favorite coffee?
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