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Lightheaded While Standing Up – You Could Be At A Potential Risk Of Having Dementia

Experiencing lightheadedness? blurred visions?  Faintness? General weakness? Confusion? Sometimes, dizziness turning into even mild blackouts?

A feeling that stops you in your tracks? You hold on to yourself till the condition passes and you return to normal?

Recurrence of this state is normal for you?

If your answer to all the above questions is yes and you frequently get giddy while suddenly standing up, you might be at a great risk of falling prey to Dementia.

Why does this happen?

Lightheadedness occurs due to a sudden drop in the blood pressure, which in technical terms is called orthostatic hypotension.

Do you remember the movie – The Notebook. Well, who doesn’t? The actress Allie has a severe case of Alzheimer disease where she forgets who she was and everything else pertaining to her life.

giddiness in head while standing up

Hold your horses people, dementia is not exactly the same as Alzheimer but just one form of dementia.

Well, it is advantageous to have dementia only if there is a Noah in your life to bring you back from the dementia-land every time you slip away. If not, then folks, pay attention to the symptoms you are seeing today that may turn you into a clueless buffoon at your old age.

As per the study conducted by the team of experts at John Hopkins University in Maryland, such condition may be secretly related to causes of dementia at the later stage of life. Further, the research states that people who suffer from such condition in the middle age are 54% more likely to develop dementia and twice as likely to suffer from a stroke than those who do not have orthostatic hypertension.

The study began in 1987 with subjects from the middle-aged group and they were followed and monitored for 20 years. They had no history of heart disease at the beginning of the study.


There could be several reasons for low blood pressure including dehydration, anemia, certain medications or even simple aging.

The cause and effect of the condition are not firmly established in lack of any further studies. As per the report of Dr. Andreea Rawling, there could be more than one causes to the occurrence of such condition:

  • Perhaps there is a presence of another process of illness that leads to dementia
  • Or the disorder of deprived blood flow to the brain over the years could adversely influence the brain functions.

The study has brought a surge of contemplations and observations all across the globe and although researchers agree to the effects of orthostatic hypotension, there are a few loopholes in the theory.

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Even though the subjects were followed and were monitored from time to time, the study did not take into consideration the lifestyle of the subjects,

  • if they exercised regularly or not,
  • or if they suffered from other causes of dementia
  • or if they even had bouts of an episode during the ensuing years.

Nevertheless, it is a proven and firmly established fact that having orthostatic hypotension is a cause of stroke in many cases, as it hampers the blood flow to the brain.

giddiness in head maybe due to dementia

What can you do?

  • Take your time while standing up from a sitting position, don’t be in such a hurry to explore the dementia land, even if it means taking 25-30 second in getting up.
  • Check the effects of any medication, that could bring about the sessions of low blood pressure.
  • Make it a point to stand up slowly EVERY SINGLE TIME you get up.
  • Regular check-ups may prevent any unforeseen medical condition that may add on to the issue.

happy couple

As per Dr. Rawling, although more studies need to be conducted to clarify the ambiguities; measuring orthostatic hypotension during the middle age may prove to be a new way of identifying people who need careful monitoring of dementia or stroke.

Next time you rise and find any of those aforementioned indications occurring to you, make sure to take into consideration the dos and don’ts to avoid becoming the real-life Allie…Just kidding!

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