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10 Ways That Will Help You To Become a Likable Person

Situations like your first day at work, meeting your blind date or giving a presentation at work can become really awkward. Especially if you are not a likable person.

For people who are introvert, shy and feel insecure, things can get a little hard. And if you are one of them, you often find yourself stuck thinking what to say next, right?

Not just this, but you might also face problem making others around you comfortable. If this is the case, read our guide of 10 ways to become a likable person and add some fun to your world-


likable person

It is important for other people around you, to feel comfortable and it won’t happen until you show your positive attitude to them. Talk politely, help them whenever you can. Make them feel you are a friend.


likable person

No one likes a lousy talker or someone who curses a lot. I know you don’t want to be that guy, so always remembers to talk in a polite and friendly tone.


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I know whenever your office crush passes by your desk, you can’t control your head from turning. But, it’ll look rude if you do it when someone is speaking to you. Don’t make them feel you are not interested in whatever they are telling you.


 likable person

Calling your colleague 10 times in an hour just to make sure if he is doing his work will only help you to get the title of a loser. So make sure to have a little patience. Being patience will not only help you to become a likable person but it will also help you to develop yourself.

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Even if it is a formal meeting with a potential client and even if you are discussing a serious deal. Not smiling will make you look emotionless and other the client will find it hard to trust you. Smiling will also help others to feel comfortable around you.


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Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles in a person life, they will hold you from getting success and if you keep on procrastinating your work, people are definitely going to hate you.


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By keeping an open mind, you can get along with people of a different mindset. Not everyone thinks like you, some might believe that dum biryani is better than Hyderabadi biryani. You can’t judge them over this. And there is no harm in listening to others views.


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What’s better than helping others? The feeling you’ll get after helping an old lady to cross the road is a very happy feeling. When people will see you doing a good deed, they’ll ultimately start liking you.

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Don’t feel jealous if someone else got the promotion and not you. Maybe it’s not your time, maybe you need to learn more. Don’t get jealous. Praise your colleagues on their achievement (for real). Remember not to sound fake or overdo things. This way you’ll make it easy for others to like you.


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You must have heard, ‘failure is the best teacher.’ Then why are you still holding back and thinking about the last time you blew-up? Evaluate, what you have done wrong and make sure not to make the same mistake again.

In Conclusion:

Being liked by others is important for your personal growth. You don’t want to be the villain of your movie. But if no one likes you, you’ll definitely end up becoming one. Also, if people don’t like you, you’ll often get stuck in an awkward situation and let me clear this out, no one wants to get awkward.

Save yourself from all the turmoil and use our guide of 10 ways to become a likable person.

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