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This Viral Video Of A Wild Lion Climbing On Tourists Might Freak You Out

Lions are majestic creatures.

People literally travel thousands of miles to just get a glimpse of this amazing specie. But, what if you meet a lion who is far more interested in meeting you than the other way round?

The same thing happened with a handful of tourists when they happily set out to explore the Taigan Safari Park in Ukraine. Just so you know, this park is well known for close encounters with lions. Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

close encounter with lion

Well, everything was going A-ok until the lion, known as Filya got up close to a vehicle. And by close, I mean, really really close. Actually, she hopped on the vehicle.

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She is a friendly lion, you see.

And you can clearly see in the video that all she wanted was a little cuddle and attention. Nevertheless, the owner of the park was vigilant about this whole scenario.

close encounter with lion

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Oleg Zubkov, the owner of the park and also the famous lion tamer was driving the vehicle. He carefully took the matter into his own hands before anything could go wrong. Also, he kept a close touch with the lion and very beautifully brought down the attention seeking cat to the ground.

close encounter with lion

He then asked all the passengers to get back in the vehicle and swiftly drove off with people who nearly got an adrenaline rush heart-attack with the closest lion encounter they had in their lives. At least that’s what it looked like!

Check out the video and see how adorable this wild cat ‘Filya’ looks-

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What about you? Up for a close encounter with a lion? -_*

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