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Liquid Chlorophyll Is The Latest Health Drink You Need To Add To Your Diet Today

2019 has brought in some bizarre trends.

Among the various food and fashion trends for 2019, another strange yet beneficial diet has come up- the liquid chlorophyll diet. You must have heard about the dark green pigment that provides color to plants and leaves, right? Well, this year it’s all about drinking liquid chlorophyll and staying fit.

What is liquid chlorophyll?

liquid chlorophyll

When you were in school, your science teacher taught you that plants use sunlight and chlorophyll to make their food. Since ages, chlorophyll has been used for various medicinal purposes. Things ranging from treatment for pancreatitis to constipation and bad breath, it has been used to make several medicines.

It is said to have healing properties and acts as a fat burner too. Though there aren’t any scientific proves yet but people who have included it in their everyday diet swear by the fact that they lost a significant amount of weight.

The best source of liquid chlorophyll

liquid chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is available both in natural form as well as in form of supplements. You can easily find it in everyday items like wheatgrass and aloe vera. These are the source you can put straight in your blender and make an awesome smoothie out of it.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and kale are a few that are easily available.

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Benefits of drinking liquid chlorophyll

The chlorophyll extract is taken out of sources like alfalfa(Medicago sativa) and also from the droppings of silkworms.

Though, until a few months, back the doctors only used this herbal concoction to treat patients suffering from any pancreas related problems. But they inject it, instead of asking the patient to drink it. This is because there aren’t any scientific studies that prove liquid chlorophyll works the same when consumed in diet form and not by injecting.

However, this hasn’t stopped a few to give it a try and include a glass of this juice in their everyday diet. Here are the benefits –

1. Promotes alkaline pH and keeps away cancer

liquid chlorophyll

Studies claim that cancer cells find it difficult to survive in an alkaline pH environment. When you drink a glass of liquid chlorophyll, it allows creating the same pH balance within your body that rejects the growth of cancer cells.

This, in turn, keeps cancer at bay. Actually, not just cancer. It also keeps your body acid free and hence your immunity increases and you tend to fall less sick.

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2. Helps you shed those extra pounds

liquid chlorophyll

Liquid chlorophyll is filling and healthy at the same time. Some studies that were conducted in 2013 suggested that when you include this in your diet and pair it with high carbohydrate diet, you are more likely to lose weight in the longer run.

The reason behind this is that you feel less hungry and hence consume less food overall, thereby losing weight.

3. Boosts production of WBC

liquid chlorophyll

A smoothie of liquid chlorophyll doesn’t just make you immune by magic. It actually stimulates your bone marrow and hence, it starts producing more and more white blood cells. This makes your immunity stronger than ever.

Also, it keeps you away from viruses, bacteria, and germs.

4. Removes bad breath, fecal odor

liquid chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is also used to treat diseases related to odor. Be it bad mouth odor, or fecal odor, it efficiently works in eliminating it once and for all. Patients have been treated with it to cure oral thrush and stinking breath for ages.

It also supposedly keeps any kind of fungal infection away from you.

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5. Rich in antioxidants

liquid chlorophyll

As you all know, chlorophyll is extremely rich in antioxidants that work wonders on your skin and health as well. It not only helps you flush out toxins from your body but also give you a healthy glow from within.

Just add it with your regular non-milk based smoothie and see for yourself.

6. Has anti-inflammatory properties.

liquid chlorophyll

Along with antioxidants, chlorophyll also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. It doesn’t just help in relieving inflammation, it also reduces other symptoms like joint swellings and redness etc. that accompanies the condition.

Liquid chlorophyll protects cells from having any oxidative damage by counteracting any harmful free radicals.

7. Fights off anemia

liquid chlorophyll

This emerald green drink is also said to help in increasing the haemoglobin and hematocrit levels in the human body. After supplementation with chlorophyll, the patients suffering from anaemia showed an increase in the production of red blood cells.

The same way it stimulates the bone marrow to produce WBC, it also aids in RBC growth.

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In Conclusion:

Having said that liquid chlorophyll has so many benefits, it is also advised that you keep a good balance of protein and carbohydrate-rich food. Also, keep a check on your sugar intake. People have been adopting an alkaline diet that keeps them disease free. If you to want to join the league of those guys, now is your chance.

Along with many other bizarre trends, this is the health trend 2019 has brought along. It’s totally up to you if you want to go with the flow or swim against it. though they say, liquid chlorophyll tastes really good if you use the right ingredients.

What about you, want to give it a try?

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