List Of Countries Where Indians Can Drive with Their Indian Driver’s License

Travelling to a new country is something almost everyone looks forward to. While road trips are among the most popular ways to experience a new country, experience driving on foreign roads, and discover new destinations, most of us have to depend on public transportation or call a cab or taxi to move around the country.

Did you know that, even without the use of an Indian international driving permit, Indians are permitted to drive on the roads of several different countries?

Indian drivers can drive abroad without an International Driving Permit (IDP) to recognise their Indian driver’s license in many countries; however, the validity of these licenses and their particular requirements may differ from country to country.

Indian drivers are permitted to operate automobiles in some countries just with their local permits, while in others, they must get an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Countries Where Indians Can Drive Cars Using Their Indian License

1. Malaysia

Your Indian driver’s license must be validated by the Indian Embassy in Malaysia or the issuing authorities and should be in English or Malay to be driven on Malaysian roads. You will require an international driver’s license if you still need to.

2. Germany

Indian drivers with valid driving licenses can drive cars in Germany for six months. However, carrying an international driving permit and a copy of your license translated into German is advised.

3. United States of America (USA)

For a maximum of one year, drivers from India are permitted to use their Indian driver’s license to operate rental cars in the majority of USA states. Along with the permitted license in English, you also need to bring the I-94 form, which has the date of your immigration into the United States on it.

4. Australia

In New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, the Australian Capital Region, and the Northern Region, Indian driver’s licenses are valid for a maximum of three months. The license cannot be issued in any Indian vernacular language other than English.

5. United Kingdom

In England, Wales, and Scotland, Indian driver’s licenses are good for a maximum of one year. Nonetheless, only a limited number of vehicle types can be driven by individuals having Indian driving licenses in the UK.

6. New Zealand

Indian driver’s licenses are accepted there for a maximum of one year, however operating a car requires you to be at least 21 years old. The license has to be in English or a language that the New Zealand Transport Agency has approved.

7. Switzerland

Indian driver’s licenses are accepted there for a maximum of one year, however, while renting a vehicle, the license must be in English.

8. South Africa

If an Indian driver’s license is in English and includes a photo and signature, it is accepted there.

9. Sweden

If an Indian driver’s license is in English, Swedish, German, French, or Norwegian and is accompanied by an authentic or approved ID, it can be used in Sweden for up to a year.

10. Singapore

Indian driver’s licenses are accepted there for a maximum of 12 months, but you have to be 18 years old to drive. The license has to be translated, or it needs to be in English.

11. Hong Kong

International and Indian driver’s licenses are both accepted, with both of them being valid for up to a year in Hong Kong.

12. Spain

After applying for residency, Indian driver’s licenses are valid in Spain for a maximum of six months. The license has to be in English and be supported by a valid form of identification.

13. Canada

You can drive a car in Canada for up to 60 days after getting an Indian driver’s license; after that, you’ll need a Canadian driver’s license.

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