5 Strange Phobias That Actually Exist

Everybody is afraid of something in their lives and it is natural as it is a part of growing up and life experience. We often have certain experiences in our lives that sow some kind of fear in our hearts. After those dreadful experiences, we start fearing the source of it. For example, if we ever had an accident on a bike, we start fearing bike rides and take extreme precautions while doing it.

5 Strange Phobias That Actually Exist

However, being scared of something and phobia are two different things which are often used synonymously. The definition of phobia is “a persistent fear of an object, person, animal, or situation.”

You may be wondering about the phobias on the planet, so I want to share 5 of the strangest phobias whose existence might sound unbelievable to you.

1. Ephebiphobia

It is a fear of teenagers or adolescents. Though it may sound absurd to you and me, according to cultural and demographic research, most adult generations have shown signs of phobia from teenagers. Most adults find teenagers and adolescents ‘out of control’ which may persist as a phobia.

2. Eisoptrophobia

This phobia is defined as a fear of viewing oneself in the mirror. According to certain studies, some people may suffer from experiencing shame, distress and depression upon seeing themselves in the mirror.

3. Globophobia

Globophobia is the fear of balloons and studies show that this fear triggers when adults become parents. It is due to the love that kids have for balloons which is the realisation point of this phobia.

4. Numerophobia

Numerophobia is a fear that is for numbers and people who have this are terrified of maths or reading a measuring tape or even doing their taxes.

5. Phobophobia

This one is the last on the list and probably the funniest yet dangerous as it is the fear of fear itself. People with this phobia are always in fear and face difficulty in functioning in their daily life due to frequent anxiety attacks.

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