List of the Most Popular Anime in India of All Time

There are more than 20 anime series at the top of the most popular anime list in India. Anime based on 90’s comics are the most popular in India and are shown on television and other OTT channels. Some of them were taken as a prototype for creating slots and games on the Indian platform Bettilt. You can find out what anime series has risen to the top of India’s most-watched list by reading on.

The list of most popular anime series in India includes some of the most acclaimed series on the market now. :

1. Dragon Ball

For the last decade or so, the Dragon Ball series has been India’s most-watched anime, with every child born in the 2000s have grown up with the series. Iconic and compelling characters have been introduced in these series. Goku’s life and exploits are the focus of this series’ narrative. To rescue his pals, he trains and confronts powerful opponents, and he goes to distant worlds. Everything Goku to Vegeta, the training time of Vegeta to fight against Goku, competition, the battle of super Saiyans, the trip to other worlds, and much more have caught fans’ hearts, making it one of the most popular anime series in India. The Japanese property Dragon Ball has spawned a slew of spin-off series.

2. Doremon and Shinchan

Shinchan and Doremon are two of the most popular anime shows in Indian homes. Every youngster has either seen one or both of these shows. Adults in India started watching Shinchan and Doremon once they were dubbed in several Indian languages. The storyline of Shinchan chronicles the narrative of an adventurous little boy, Shinchan, and his family. However, on the other hand, Doremon tells the narrative of an assistive robot named Doremon, who is always there to aid a stupid youngster named Nobita. It was shown on Hungama TV in Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu dubbing for both Shinchan and Doremon.

3. Pokemon

Pokémon Go, the most popular game in India, has made Pokemon the most popular franchise in India. It follows the narrative of a strange planet where strong animals like Pokemon coexist with humans in the Pokemon series, a Japanese anime. Known as Pokemon trainers, people capture and train pokemon for combat. As a spectator, it’s exciting to see how many pokemon species there are.

4. Naruto

In India, the Naruto series has been shown for a long time. It has a devoted following, spanning the ages of 8 and above. An Indian dub was made and it was shown on Cartoon Network. Naruto Uzumaki, a teenage ninja who dreams of becoming Hokage, is the protagonist of the series. An enormous nine-tail fox ambushed Naruto’s village on the day of his birth. The 4th Hokage sacrificed himself to defend the community by sealing the demon fox in the newborn Naruto. As a result of this series, Indian children will eternally associate these characters with their childhood memories.

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5. Attack on Titans

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In India, Attack on Titans is the second most popular anime. An attack on titans cartoon features the finest theme tune and a fantastic plot. As a result, this is one of the best-written series ever written. As the narrative progresses, we learn more about the Titans, the enormous creatures that like eating human flesh. All except the Titans are kept out of the 3 walls, which safeguard humanity. Eren Yeager was only a few years old when his mother was devoured by a giant. As a result, Eren and his buddies Mikasa and Armin enlisted in the military to revenge their mother’s death.

6. Fairy Tail

There’s something for everyone in Fairy Tail. It’s got everything: excitement and suspense, romance and bonding, magic and might, and even vengeance. With the rise of online streaming, it is becoming more popular in India. Natsu Dragneel, Lucy, Happy, and a group of members of the fairy tail guild are the focus of the story. There is a lot going on in the story, including magic and adventures, which are intertwined throughout the narrative. In the group of mages, the audience is enthralled by villains, dragons, and power.

7. Death Note

There has been a lot of buzzes lately about Death Note, which is one of the most popular anime shows in India right now. One of the most popular series for newcomers to the anime genre is this one. If you’ve never seen an anime before, I strongly suggest starting with Death Note. High school senior Light Yagami discovers a notebook called Death Note and decides to read it. This is Shinigami Ryuk’s book, which created Death Note for amusement purposes alone. In the same way, as Light thinks that all criminals must die, any names inscribed on this note will be executed. The detective, on the other hand, feels that offenders need to be punished, and thus the tale revolves around two conflicting viewpoints.

8. One Punch Man

A one-punch hero, Saitama, is the inspiration for One Punch Man. Many teenagers and young people in India have fallen in love with this humorous animation. Saitama is bored since he can destroy any monster with a single punch. Because of this, he became a hero alongside his apprentice, Genos, to have fun and slay monsters. One Punch Man is probably one of the most popular anime in India because of its basic plot and amusing themes.


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