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List Of Top 40 ‘Modern Inconveniences’ That Adults Face Is Here, Bad WiFi Tops The List

If not issues such as global warming or trade war, little things like poor wifi or voicemail messages irk millennials, find a study. As many as 2,000 British adults were surveyed to forge a list of ‘modern inconveniences’ that they face in their day to day life. Here is the full list. Let us know how many of these can you relate to.

1. Bad wifi networks irritate us the most and I would agree.

2. Ohh! this one seems new. 

3. Evergreen inconvenience. 

4. It’s time to behold the nature.

5. Mostly late.

6. Guess what? Wear less.

7. Whatsapp? Is this you?

8. Especially when you have short nails.

9. Thanks, Jio!!

10. Terrible experience.

11. Go Prime maybe?

12. Don’t watch a series at all? ehh!!

13. Hi iPhone users.

14. When autocorrect tries to be smart.

15. Technology is really dominating this list.

16. Digital India, videsh mai bhi.


17. Shall I send you letters?

18. Never heard of this before.

19. And we push, we push.

20. Tangled life

21. I like them in a way.

22. I don’t mind if I get it for free after 30 minutes.

23. Can you relate?

24. Huh??

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25. Give me that fu***ng user name.

26. And are full of Ads

27. I wasn’t missing your voice burh!

28. Does it get straighter?

29. Get me my earphones? Plz.

30. That’s messed up.

31. I don’t own a car.

32. I won’t suggest taking a bike. Or will I?

33. This is so relatable.

34. Again!! I don’t own a car.

35. No Please. let me have it.

36. Ever been to China?

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37. Hmmmm.

38. And then you have to create Google/Apple account.

39. Irritating ads.

40. Hotspot? Anyone?


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