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Exit Polls Suggest Narendra Modi Is Set To Return In Power

Lok Sabha Election 2019, finally comes to its end. But the hype is still in the air. The final phase of the election has just over and the results will be declared on 23 May.

Not just Indian citizens but the people from other countries are also excited to know the result of Lol Sabha Poll 2019. It becomes the Indian Game of Thrones, everyone is waiting to see the finale. Who’ll rule the Indian, who’ll sit on the throne? Will come back in power?

These are the questions everyone is asking and to answer it various pollsters and news channels – Today’s Chanakya, Republic-CVoter, ABP-CSDS, News18-IPSOS, India Today-Axis, Times Now-CNX, NewsX-Neta – are releasing their exit poll results on Lok Sabha election 2019. Predicting which party will come in power on May 23.

So, what’s their prediction?

Lok Sabha Election 2019

While the counting of votes takes places, different news channels are predicting the results. Most of them are in favour of Modi. According to Times Now survey, the NDA government is set to return to power with 306 seats in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

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According to the reports of Republic Janta Ki Baat Poll. Narendra Modi government is predicted to come back to power with a clear majority. The News Nation exit poll suggests 282-290 seats for the BJP, 118 to 126 for the Congress, while 130 to 138 votes will be seized by other parties.

Several news channels predict BJP will be able to achieve a clean win in states like Gujarat, Haryana, Uttarakhand and Delhi. News24 exit poll has predicted that the Narendra Modi-led BJP will win all 26, 10, five and seven seats respectively in the states mentioned above.

Media channels like Times Now (reputed name in the industry) suggests that the NDA government is set to return to power with 306 seats in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

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In Conclusion:

Although, most of the media channels are predicting the Modi government to come back in power again. But you never know, official results are still to be declared. Tell us what you think, who will come back in power again according to you? Or whom do you want to come in power?

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