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Goa Has Decided To Vote For BJP In The Upcoming Lok Sabha Election 2019

Goa will vote for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

Their love for Modi might not be the real reason for that. But citizens will be paying tribute to their late Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.

Manohar Parrikar passed away on March 17. He was quite popular in his city and widely known as the CM of common people. After his demise, party has selected Pramod Sawant as the new CM of Goa.

But is it true, that Goa will be voting for BJP?

Lok Sabha Election 2019

Recently speaking to media, current CM of Goa said “Because of the work and development which Manohar Parrikar has carried out for so many years, people will vote for us as a homage to the late leader. Definitely, they will vote for us as a mark of respect and remembrance to him and help us win both (Lok Sabha) seats.”

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This might be true as he had helped to build modern Goa. With his affable nature, he has gained the love and trust of his citizens. Though, this doesn’t guarantee BJP’s win.

As Lok Sabha MP and Union Ayush Minister Shripad Naik have also filed his nomination papers for the North Goa seat. Competition is tough and Pramod Sawant has also admitted that in the absence of Parrikar, campaigning for the elections, will be difficult.

Sawant said, “Without Parrikar, the campaigning is quite difficult for us, we know that. We are going into elections without Parrikar for the first time. But the people of Goa are with us. Alliance partners are with us.”

Everyone is talking about the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. All the political parties are busy doing their election campaign. BJP is talking about helping others and showing the vision of a better India. While the opposition party is promising to help the poor of the country, by planning shrewd money schemes.

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Parties are even including memes in their political campaign to gain the attention of youth.

In Conclusion:

The fact that Goa votes for BJP or not will only be revealed after the election. As for now, no one is sure who is going to win. Though Goa’s vote might help BJP getting an edge over the opposition.

Who you are going to vote for this year? Make sure you don’t let fake political news to manipulate your decision. As there are 87,000 WhatsApp groups actively trying to influence voters.

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