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This Study Says That Fear Of Loneliness Can Kill You

Do you have many friends?

Are you an extrovert?

If the answer for both the questions is a big NO, then you are in trouble. No, you don’t have cancer according to Google but this research claims that if you have the fear of loneliness, you are most likely to have a premature death.

So, what is the fear of loneliness?

Fear of lonliness

Many might think that the people who claim that they have the fear of loneliness are just exaggerating their state of mind. they aren’t really lonely or anything, but they just demand attention all the time. But it is not the reality.

The fear of being left alone is a real thing!

Anyone can get this disease. But what people don’t understand is that it is a serious disease. Just like any other sickness. And yes, this sickness is powerful enough to kill a person. The research also says that if you have an existing heart problem, it is more likely that you will die because of the feeling of isolation.

How does fear of loneliness lead to premature death?

fear of loneliness

It was studied that most of the people who feel lonely and are more likely to get depressed. They don’t have a social life and they are also prone to chronic diseases. Also, it somehow effects those more who are already suffering from any heart-related disease.

This happens because there is no one to take care of such people who are lonely. As a result, even if it’s a minor heart problem, it causes much more trouble for someone who is having the fear of loneliness.

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Other factors that lead to death

When someone is suffering from loneliness, they are more likely to become depressed in the long run if they don’t take precautions. Most of the times the person who suffers from this fear ends up stressing a lot about the future.

They think about future prospects and get even lower because they have no hopes and no one to talk to. This further adds up to the existing problem and it slowly catches the person and drags them towards a bad depressing state.

What can you do to get rid of the fear of loneliness?

The first and foremost thing is that you need to have some faith in yourself that you can do it. No one can help you if you don’t want to get better. So, if you want to keep sulking and stay alone, there is no way that your lie will change.

1. Pick up a hobby

fear of loneliness

You need to start by picking up some hobbies if you don’t have anyone to talk to. It could be literally anything. From painting to candle making to riding a bike. You just need to pick one and start following it passionately. This will make you feel good about yourself and eventually give you the confidence to over the fear.

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2. Get a pet


Any pet would be fine. You can get a dog or a cat or even a bird. But the more you interact with your pet, the better you will feel. Take your dog out for a walk, and live your life with the faith that you are going to be fine.

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3. Read books

Read books

Books are a different world altogether. If you feel shy to open up to someone, books will give you the confidence to talk to people when you want to. Read things that require you to focus and pay attention to the detail. This way your brain would be active and not sulk about being lonely.

4. Travel

Fear of lonliness

Nothing can make you feel better than a good road trip. Travel, explore the world. Whenever you get the feeling that you are lonely, get out of your house. Don’t plan the destination, just leave. You will be shocked to see the difference in you once you have set out on a journey.

5. Sign up for a group/class

Fear of loneliness

If you get really sad when you are alone, you can join a class. It could be dance, cooking, Zumba etc. Go out there and interact with people. This will help you overcome the dread of being left behind and you might even end up making some good friends.

In case, nothing makes you better

Of course, these things are meant to be done when you have the initial stages of the fear of loneliness. You can try these things on your own and trust me, they will help you feel much better. however, if you are in the advanced stages of this fear, contact a doctor.

The health expert will advise you with the proper medication and diet that will help you get better.

Meanwhile, try to be strong and keep yourself active and engaged so that the thought doesn’t cross your mind.

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